GTA 5 | PS3 vs PS5 4K Graphics Comparison

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out on next gen consoles taking advantage of some quality of life improvements like faster load times. Here’s a video comparing the graphics from various cutscenes and gameplay sequences.

GTA V is now available with a fresh…

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  1. I feel like all of these rereleases plus the greediness of GTA Online have caused us to forget how truly amazing the core of this games single player really is, as well as the games open world, ESPECIALLY back in 2013. Really a shame.

  2. TBH, there is absolutely nothing to declare that PS5 outgunned the PS3 here…both are on same level…the difference is just little above 10%…kind of merely rewashing a classic 1950s conclusion the PS3 looks more impressive & natural in comparison to PS5 here on GTAV

  3. So while I see the differences in sharpness/clarity, it's 3 consoles deep. I can play games beyond graphics. My PS3 still is the only console I bought GTA5 for and it plays my PS1 games regularly. I'm not crying for 6 and have enjoyed the trilogy re-release but this game is hardly worth rebuying

  4. Im so tired of this game. It doesnt even look that much better. If u want to see the diffrences you have to look at the details. The GTA 5 fatigue is real. I havnt played for like a year or 2 now. Probably never will play again.

  5. What a terrible video. You just compared two versions of an open world game, without showing any open world gameplay. Mostly just opening cutscenes and set pieces. And you didn't actually even compare or analyze them, just showing random bits from the opening.

  6. Come on, on my PC I can run GTA 5 at native 4K 120fps with the settings maxed out. The PS5 can do better than this, I just don’t think Rockstar tried.

  7. I don't know if I'm exactly sure about it but in my opinion the graphics are way more in harmony in the PS3 version. It just feels weird to see only elements trying to be realistic in what's still a PS3 game in terms of graphics. It just doesn't feel right

  8. The lighting and shadows in this game were seriously ahead of their time. Ps3 version holds up today and would hold up more if it wasn't in 720p.

  9. Only improvements are to the cutscenes and even thats barely better. Only thing i noticed that truly stands out was the lighting in the therapy scene.

  10. I'm still flabbergasted and impressed with how great the PS3 version still is. They knew how to take full advantage of the power of the PS3. Great Rockstar job ??

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