Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to open-world games, but its unique setting, tremendous attention to detail, and singular combat make it stand out amongst its contemporaries.


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  1. Almost the direct opposite about the combat from what IGN said, guess I’ll have to see for myself. The particle effects are wicked tho.

  2. The bloated and pretentious writing of Gamespot reviewers of late is eye-rolling. They read a bit too much into simple mechanics or concepts.

  3. Its definitely one of those games that have mix reviews and that you should form your own opinion. Luckily, all the reviews i seen that are good and bad all have actually great points

  4. Everyone seems to have a wildly different take on the game. Very interested to try it out when it comes to Xbox.

  5. All reviews for this games are 7s and 8s so its very Unanimously liked by Reviewers not a masterpiece but everyone agreed this a enjoyable experience. Nowadays game Reviews don't have that much consistency. I would play 7/8 game if everyone agrees it to be enjoyable

  6. i have to say i’ve had a great time with it and only about 10 hours in so half the reviewer’s playtime. if you’re looking for a change of pace with a classic single player experience where you can tell the developer cared about what they were making, then this is a game for you. and i believe there’s a lot with the story that can and should be expanded with dlc. can’t wait to finish this game

  7. At least this reviewer bothered to learn the names of the enemies and the item used to capture spirits, so many reviewers were like "yeah you use this paper thing to capture spirits" and clearly showed that he did research outside the game. We need more reviewers like this guy.

  8. This is how you do a review proper, unlike the one made by IGN. IGN these days is filled with subjective pretentious quacks that are worth less than two pennies. Sad really. If they paid more attention and money on talent and less on having a multicolored diverse cast of characters maybe the story would had been different.

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