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GhostWire Tokyo Review – A Horror Game With A Haunting Open World

GhostWire Tokyo Review: “I fully expect some people won’t be smitten with the game the way I am, and I think it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to forgive the open-world horror game for that. But if GhostWire connects with you, I…

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  1. The shadow that is supposed to be under the text at the beginning of the video is edited into the wrong place. Just pops up in the middle of the screen.

  2. What the heck dude? All the way through you were saying how bad and repetitive the game is but still you gave it a 8.?? Seriously dude, stop being a PS fanboy. or even a fanboy of Bethesda. This game is not 8. At the very least it is a 5.

  3. “Spouting nonsense about stealing people’s souls… Anyway, the long and short of it is, that guy has stolen the souls of everyone around you, except yours” 0:45

    What weird writing. Why is it ‘nonsense’ if it’s literally something he’s just done? Do you mean philosophically, it’s nonsense to talk about a soul? Do you mean that he speaks with bluster and arrogance about having stolen their souls? And why say “except yours”, when that’s implied by “everyone around you”?

  4. I also think this a game I'll enjoy.

    Love the setting and vibe of a haunted Tokyo at night. Plus I think the combat actually looks fun and unique. Enemies are creepy. Story is intriguing etc.

    It'll be a while until I play it, but it's definitely on my to do list.

  5. Well sounds like I'll need to get this game at some point! HUGE fan of Tango Game works and frankly, I find the idea of a empty city rather appealing. Graphics looks gorgeous!!

  6. I loved The Evil Within but this looks so unappealing. I’ll try it next year on game pass. I’m still playing Elden Ring and Horizon is waiting and also Tunic and Triangle Strategy. Too many games.

  7. Reminds a bit of fallout 4. Think I'd like a version where we couldn't fight, but instead were possessed by a hording ghost, compelled to pick up all those clothes and wallets, and take them back to our apartment for no particular reason.
    Good presentation by the way, sounded like you were talking about a known subject rather than reading from a script.

  8. Imagine making a game set in the most populated city in the world, a city with very extragavant people, and removing every single one of those people from the game out of pure laziness just to push the game out sooner because the PS5 desperately needed games. This is even worse than Arkham Knight with no citizens(at least some missions had firefighters/people to save). This should have been like Jujutsu Kaisen, where you actually meet the people in need of help. The idea of using supernatural abilities just for combat is also lazy. Could have had investigative elements to find missing people and track down ghosts/curses, could have had puzzles to solve Myst like and have better interactions with the environment like Dishonored.

    Just a lazy game with no ambition and no real creativity. I hope they make a sequel because the concept and the lore are nice and the hand animations are superb but you need real ideas and people who want to make true videogames not just another excuse for a 60 dollar combat simulator with an empty open world or semi open world.

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