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GhostWire Tokyo Preview: Chapter 2 Impressions (NEW PS5 Gameplay)

In this episode of New Gameplay Today, we take another look at Ghostwire Tokyo Chapter 2. Tune in for stylish combat, stay for Tango Gameworks’ MC-Escher-esque level design. This Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay was captured on PS5 performance mode.


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  1. I always get confused when people refer to non Bethesda games, as Bethesda games. Bethesda is just a publisher. It’s 100 percent a Tango Gameworks game.

  2. If you guys at GI are open to feedback, this Blake guy needs to be less rude and sarcastic. Listening to him speak and interact with the other guy in the video makes me wanna not watch the video. Blake, be less rude and less sarcastic and just chill…

  3. Why is every game is first person shit making me angry unless they have an option but when they present it in first person it's just first person that's it

  4. really pretty but seems boring cuz there's no one in the world. Would be cool if it's a normal populated city like in cyberpunk. Feels like they wasted the beautifully designed city here

  5. Tthis new Blake dude came out swinging lol
    I know reviewers are supposed to give their true, personal feelings, but damn dude made me not even want to finish the video.

  6. This is such a bad preview…like, this developer gives you the opportunity to play a game early and you keep bashing the game from beginning to start…like..0 respect. Even if you don’t like the game…there is a more respectful way to bring it…

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