Free PS Plus Games For April Confirmed! | GameSpot News

Sony confirmed April’s free PlayStation Plus games, Persona 5 will be leaving the PS Plus Collection in May, and Halo Infinite Season 2 details are on the way.
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Sony has officially confirmed the PlayStation Plus…

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  1. Can't wait for more Halo content.
    They got an amazing game going for them, but is still seriously lacking in content. Unfortunate that it spoiled an obviously good game, devs really need to finish it before launch.

  2. Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated was reviewed rather favorably by every game review outlet other than IGN and this one. It also has sold over 2 million copies. What do you mean by β€œreceived poorly”?

  3. I love to hear that there’s someone else who adds EVERY game to their library in case they get an odd urge to play something new or different

  4. Man Idon’t play mmo shooters anymore. So much drama and it’s basically like socializing except… nah nothing it’s exactly like socializing. I hate people. Why would I play online with them? I’ll stick with

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