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Forspoken Preview Reactions

Join us for this excerpt of the latest episode of The Game Informer Show, where we’re breaking down our preview impressions of …

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  1. Shills love it. Shocking. This games gonna need all the help it can get. Throw in a bikini skin and maybe gamers will care

  2. The frame rate in the all the gameplay previews/trailers seems so low, hopefully they can optimize the game before release. The game does remind me of Infamous, which is a good thing IMO

  3. Forspoken looks great, in particular the gameplay and the double standard from gamers is everywhere. Gameplay wise it’s like an insane anime and takes what inFAMOUS did and puts it on HGH, PEDs and TRT. Not sure what people have against certain companies games lately but they’re definitely being dissected more critical than certain mainstays.

  4. I'm praying we get a demo of some variety for this game in the next couple months, but well before release. Like how we had ground zeros before metal gear solid 5 came out

  5. I hope the delay helps the devs give them time to smooth stuff over; I really liked what I've seen so far. The gameplay looks like it needs more polish. And sometimes the dialogue is a bit grating (I completely agree with the MCU comparison, it's so rampant these days) and the representation has me concerned???

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