Forspoken NEW Gameplay Trailer | Sony State of Play March 2022

The upcoming action RPG, Forspoken, from Luminous Productions and Square Enix received a brand new gameplay trailer. In it, we saw protagonist, Frey, using all new abilities to take on her enemies and traverse the world. Forspoken releases to PS5…

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  1. Not going to lie I can see why this game was postponed until October this is the most ambitious game when it comes down to graphically and what you can do in the environment

  2. Sony should have GameSpot pull this video. The YT compression is terrible. It's like they simply recorded the stream with the lowest quality setting and re-uploaded it.

  3. that was probably quite impressive, but the video was so blurry and blocky I couldnt tell what was actually happening half the time (1080p@60)

  4. Its a japanese company why does the game Look so "mircosofti"? Main char, Story, nah sorry its just American cliche. But the gameplay looks good

  5. Embarrassing what Square Enix, as a Japanese developer, has come to. Making Miles Morales types of characters with dumb one liners and hip hop music to appeal to the Twitter crowd. Combat and traversal look decent.

  6. Looks like Steam is releasing it May 24th lol. If this is true, We will beta test it for console users and fix what's broken in time for release xP

  7. I thought the dialogue was too "contemporary" for dragons and castles and such

    But turns out that the main character has somehow been transported from modern-day NY

    Cool, now just show me 120fps in ultra-wide and I'll buy your game

  8. Looks very fun cant wait. This is a very unique game that i will get regardless as this magic is something you don't see in a lot of games and I don't care what flaws as long as it has a steedy frame rate and dense environment otherwise its looking to be a great game.

  9. It's pathetic that in year 2022 someone decides to release this low quality trailer. I have a feeling that this game is one huge scam.

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