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Forspoken | Exclusive New Gameplay Today (4K)

Join us for our exclusive New Gameplay Today where we take one last 4K look at Forpoken and let you know why Square Enix’s latest RPG shows a lot of promise ahead of its October release date.

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  1. Could you guys put out a video with just the raw footage and no commentary? To be honest its distracting and loud, and you guys aren't really adding anything interesting just regurgitating the plot summary and laughing at your own bad jokes

  2. OMG, this looks terrible, the spell effects are absolutely overdone and they don't match photorealistic graphics. Not to mention the combat itself seems very meh and the flow is so off.. And what the bloody hell is that PS3 era skybox? Dear god, Unreal 5 and it's literally the ugliest sky I've seen since infamous Mafia 3 if that rings some bells. Already see it as wait for deep sale or even never touch.

  3. animations, particle effects and general graphic quality are somehow unpolished and low budget, I was expecting to watch a AAA PS5-exclusive game here… lets see what the final version will bring to the table, there is potential

  4. Going to be honest: I had 0 interest in this game. None of the trailers really grabbed me. But the Game Informer coverage really turned my opinion around (especially this gameplay). Looking forward to it in October.

  5. love the world, love how camera move, love how magic and particle, just one thing that annoy me. she move too fast. it give me motion sickness T.T

  6. The movement looks so good, like so goddamn good. But I need to see the world. not to compare everything to elden ring that's certainly not fair, but the snippets they've shown of this game make me think it's just going to be drab and open. I'll still get the game, but I reallyed gravity rush esq enviromenta

  7. So many particle effects and flashing lights in combat.
    I don't suffer from epilepsy, but I also have no idea what the fuck is going on in these fights.

  8. This games looks like ass the world is dead there's no animals or birds anywhere is in the game play looks bad in u call this next generation come on trash I was like foworard to this game man

  9. my fucking god 4 minutes fighting 3 random mobs because they are those "bulletsponge" enemies. That's a signal of a bad game design.

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