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Forspoken: Exclusive Enemy Gameplay (4K)

Join us for an exclusive 4K look at the enemies in Forspoken and a mini-boss that would try to end Frey Holland’s journey to save Athia and get home.

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  1. This is sorta like the opposite of league where the player is smashing thousands of buttons and nothing is happening but here hundreds of things are happening and I feel like nothing is being pushed lol just a ton of particles

  2. I wanna like this game but….ahhh….idk the HUD looks weird and I feel like there are so many particle effects to cover up blandness…idk keeping an open mind though because this was definitely an exciting reveal way back when

  3. Looks incredibly fancy, still!

    Though I hope they reduce the enemy HP by at least 60% cause this fight against seemingly common enemies seems like it gets tedious very fast. Especially with all the menuing.
    I also hope they remove whatever happened at 1:22. Can't see anything, even at 1440p. ^^'

  4. I know people love shitting on this game for some reason but a new yorker getting isekai'd into the plot of a final fantasy game is to funny not to check out

  5. Honestly the gameplay here looks much more interesting than the gameplay from the last preview. The enemies are putting up a decent fight and the magic looks fun and varied. I just hope enemies have more distanced attacks that you have to avoid from afar. Just staying away throwing spells at them can get boring.

    I also hope the world isn't too empty. What we saw last time was… worrying to say the least.

  6. I can’t tell what it is, but to me this game looks so generic, character design, and the dialogue in the cutscenes sounds so cringe as hell. The only good thing about this generic game is it graphics.

  7. Not gonna lie, looks like absolute non sense. From combat to story, everything looks like it was made by an AI that tried to create a game based on a computer's understanding of what is "Cool". Kinda like your uncle who tries to rap at Christmas. It's the literal definition of uncool. I hope I'm wrong, but I have a very bad feeling about this one.

  8. that game is a scam, you don't see anything from next gen, and they also have slow motion in too many games they already have it burned, playstation lately has no creativity they don't have new ideas and for this game I don't pay a dollar apart from that It is a game of inclusion, women in power, another garbage that people are tired of,and even so they want to sell it to you for 70 dollars 80 euros, they delay it because they knew it was going to fail along with all those who have failed at square enix this year, but its failure is imminent they only delayed it a little more, people are not buying all the junk they want to sell you.

  9. There is nothing wrong with it. Everything looks nice, nice graphics it looks current gen. Nice combat system too, I like how fluid it is. This is going to be at least above average game, so I am hyped for it.

  10. 1:21 after what I saw, my eyes seem to have leaked out.

    An incredible level of overkill with effects, a lot of bright and luminous particles. Is it that game for little princesses or the nightmare of a person with an epileptic seizure? Again, the numbers, where without the numbers knocked out of the enemies.

  11. Tasteless and uninspiring. Sorry. Keep distance and choose available spell. That's all, folks. Looks like diversity was the only purpose of this gaem

  12. The animations look nice but man it's just too much going on for my taste, I don't personally love the UI nor the text popping up on the screen, this is such an odd game and I'm very curious on how it does

  13. looks so fucking stupid with those exagerated effects on skills, and also the UI of a mobile game. jesus christ

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