First 20 Minutes Of GTA 5 In 4k On PS5

New generation versions of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on March 15th. Here’s what it looks like in 4k on PlayStation 5.

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  1. Once a ps3/xbox 360 looking game, always a ps3/x360 looking game. I don't see a huge difference. Just milking the franchise. Fanboys will buy this game even when it's remastered again for ps6

  2. "Expanded and Enhanced" and it doesn't even run at 60fps.

    Frame rate > graphical fidelity. A game can look amazing but if it's running at a lower frame rate, it's going to look inherently worse and way choppier. I know there's a performance and RT performance mode, but even still, this is just upsetting. 4K is overhyped.

  3. FML it's painful watching someone driving so badly, in a game on it's fourth release and using a character whose skill is reacting faster and being able to not hit seemingly every single thing on screen. After nine years of exactly the same gameplay, you would think people would know the traffic pattern by now.

  4. I guess it’s worth it for someone like me who haven’t played this game yet. I’m only interested to play story I hope it’s good

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