Firearms Expert Reacts To Payday 2’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Payday 2, including the iconic F2000, a shoulder-mounted Minigun, and a pair of BREN assault rifles.

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  1. The Shoulder mounted one is the Microgun. There IS a Minigun in the game, which is more "conventional" carried style of Minigun you tend to see in media which I don't really know how usable the M134 is as a handheld weapon.

    Additionally, the SMG Section of Payday 2… A few carbines have snuck in their way into that category…

  2. I don't know if you guys have done Killing Floor 2 but if I remember properly they did actually get some mocap actors to do reload animations for them.

  3. I highly suggest Receiver 2 for another review video. Not so much for the guns themselves as the pistols in the game have likely been reviewed to death in multiple videos and there aren’t many weapons in the game, but because of the gameplay mechanics, manipulations/malfunctions, X-ray mode when showing the internals, and even the tapes you collect that talk about the history and characteristics of said guns in the game

  4. What are your thoughts on firearms and FPS games being out there to the younger generation and todays? Like with games Escape from TARKOV, COD games. Is there an increase in firearms due to people wanting to get a feel for the firearm and wanting to learn more about them?

  5. The weapons used to have more realistic recoil back in the day, but the game has been simplified so hard to the point people actually forget they are robbing banks or fighting cops. Realism and logic has been out the window for a while.
    I wish Jonathan would react to some of the older animations of the game since there's been a few "animation updates", like the infamous AK reload that apparently annoyed quite a few people in 2013.
    Some animators that worked on this game have posted their 'animation reels' on youtube showing the work that they have done for it.

  6. amazing insight as always. this game has a rather awful monetization model, but if nothing else it really forces them to add more unique weapons to the game, and it's nice to learn more about it

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