Firearms Expert Breaks Down Different Weapon Attachments – Loadout Bonus Chat

From scopes and suppressors to foregrips and drum magazines, our favourite shooters love to let us customise our firearms. In this episode, Keeper of Firearms & Artillery Jonathan Ferguson breaks down a variety of weapon attachments and compares…

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  1. I remember when I got out of the military people asked me about the weapons I used. I was a 203 gunner so I had the 203 underslung on my M4, had the Aim CompM4, PEQ-15, and a flashlight all attached to my weapon. When I mentioned this peoples eyes would go wide in awe about how I had all these 'cool' attachments and how awesome the rifle must of have looked. I quickly reminded them that all that gear made my rifle both heavy, and especially front heavy. It was cool at the range, but not after long marches or live fire exercises.

  2. Thompson drum mag worked well for Police and Gangsters operating from vehicles, but lugging them around in the field would have been so heavy, I can see why it was abandoned. Aren't C-mags and drums in general unreliable at feeding?

  3. I do not like the gunsmith they added to Call of Duty I would like it better if they would allow you to lock in the appearance of a weapon so attachments don't change the weapons look but they don't

  4. Yea, attachments are only gonna get dumber.
    Games are in an arms race (zing) for more customization, more unlocks, more microtransactions, and more Youtube click-bait.
    It will expand even if it hurts the gameplay because you have to have more.

  5. In regards to drum mags. As gamers we seldom have to think about how we are supposed to carry spares. Disregarding them being more prone to issues with feeding and such, a big issue is that designing good pockets to hold them without taking up more space than necessary and not being awkward.

    Which incidentally isn't as much a consideration for various types of gangsters and police guys who used the thompson before WW2. I doubt either brought spare drums to any shootout.

  6. It was the same with the shotguns the other week. Most players don't expect guns in video games to behave exactly as they would in real life because they just have no experience of what that would actually be. What they expect is for them to behave the way they do in movies and other video games. I do still think there's more room in the video game market for truly realistic guns in an FPS, but that's always going to be a niche thing and not something you're ever likely to see in something like a COD or Battlefield game.

  7. Enjoyed watching these, It's a good series as an addition to Johnathon reacting to firearms in games, hope to see it come back!
    Thanks to everyone involved.

  8. I think a strong reason that Drum Mags are so popular in games beyound the lack of weight and jams, is that in video games you might fire 10 or so rounds then change out their C-mag for a full one. The 90 you fired just magically get combined with the two or three Mags that have 2-3 in them to be full the next time you go to reload.

  9. I feel like red dot sights are almost required for aiming in many games when ironsights obscure the target and everything slightly below them, and leave very tiny holes to look through

    One way I think ironsights could be much much better is to move the camera even closer and magnify much much more than they do normally.

  10. "M79 gunners in Vietnam would learn to aim by instinct and experience, like an archer". Unless they're shooting bare-bow, archers use sights (target archers, at least). They adjust them up and down for what range they're shooting at. During practise, you work out what heights of sight setting correspond to what distance and mark it on the front of the sight, and then in competition you adjust your sight to the distance you need.

  11. Can't wait for the new season, I've enjoyed this one! As for an idea for what to do next, how about looking at equipment and gadgets that FPS games use to differentiate themselves and their real life counterparts/inspiration. Start with the humble frag and flash, then look at stuns, decoy grenades and 9bangs an such. A talk about how ballistic shields are used IRL, breaching charges, a look at grapple hooks and other realistic equipment. Then finally a look into the whacky like Battlefields Pokeballs and CoDs detection grenades and other detection equipment, remote/AI operated gun turrets, wingsuits and jet packs, hologram devices, active camo and so on.

    A more brutal episode could look at melee weapons used in the firearms age so things like bayonets and trench shovels and clubs but also officers swords and the swords of cavalry troops.

    Probably a harder episode to film and get hands on with the equipment but a look into the facts around killstreaks could be interesting. Have a look into how the mantra "steel not flesh" came to be and how that developed from artillery barrages to bombing runs to close air support and the modern combined arms doctrine that's used today. Then have a look at how those are used in games such as CoD but also games like Battlefield that have also implemented them in some capacity.

  12. I'd love a full length doco done by you with Jonathan about all aspects of weaponry in videogames. I was going to ask why you seemed flat Dave then I heard the closing news 🙁

  13. Fun fact: dutch military police SF uses drum mags on their HK416's. These are units with a protective role, be it VIPs or Transports

  14. ground branch is another game where the weight of the attachments has an effect on the accuracy of the play. the more longer the gun is aimed without bringing it to the ready postion the more sway happens.

  15. This is like Objectivity, except about weapons and games, and focused.
    instead of just a random, but amazing stroll through history.

  16. I think the element of weight is quite an interesting one in terms of near-future settings, be they video games or books or movies. Firearms are pretty much as good as they need to be right now. There’s a reason the M16 has been in use for ~60 years. But finding new materials to make gunsights and weaponry out of that make the weak lighter and more resilient, even if they’re not groundbreaking, is a pretty major benefit.

    If Soldier A and B have rifles with a longer, thicker barrel and a scope, but Soldier B’s weights a kilo less or whatever, even though it’s not a flashy advantage, it IS an advantage

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