Everything We Want In The New Witcher Game

With novels, games, comics and now a television show, the Witcher is arguably bigger than ever. On March 21, 2022, CD Projekt Red announced the next game in the Witcher series has begun development and would be using the Unreal 5 Engine instead…

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  1. No character customisation. One central protagonist.
    South of the continent, Nilfgaard
    Better combat
    Being able to sit in a tavern

  2. Allowing for a custom Witcher character, a custom horse, and custom weapons and armor definitely would be a good idea. Being able to use bows and crossbows would be useful as well.

  3. Man, however they make the game, I'm all for it. I really can't wait to devour them stories in the next witcher game. I'm here, there, and everywhere for it.

  4. No,I don't agree with you on character building and a faster fast travel system. also, I'm not sure that a new combat system would be better. I mean the combat of witcher 3 was spectacular and if they go with the same combat, it would be amazing.

  5. Customizing the player is destroying the story, narration and immersion in the game. I can't believe why you want a character that is a mirage instead of a written and made character with a narrative background that has a presence and presence in the world

  6. All I want is for them to finish it BEFORE they release it this time. I know thatsa lot to ask for these days: a FINISHED product. And EVERY dev is doing this now

  7. Great job and I agree with most of your points…but how bout we get some news on the next gen update of witcher 3…before we get over excited on a game that's not coming for 3 years

  8. It would nice to go on an adventure with Geralt again. Hes a character that we all love and admire. However, we have to be frank and admit that his story has come to a satisfactory ending and prolonging that ending any longer might ruin his character. Every beautiful thing in life will come to an end

  9. Personally I think lack of customization is more ideal for these types of RPGs. It allows for greater character depth, such as with Arthur Morgan from RDR2 or Kratos from God of War. If they could have been customized, they would have been more vague characters and the motion capture wouldn't have been as convincing. A protagonist in a movie can be compelling for how specific their character is, a story driven game would be similar.

  10. I absolutely disagree with you on the fast travel stuff, i don't think the signposts are unnecessary because it makes the player engage with the world and keep the minimum flow of world immersion if you just want to fastravel somewhere.

    Originally in the game, fast travel could be done in the map from anywhere, and the devs had to fight higher-ups to make it only by marked signposts, mainly to make the player see the world the devs had created.

  11. If it was up to you to say that they wanted trouble, you disgraced the story from the beginning, once you are not an actor, don't decide on our behalf.

  12. I want them to just work on it and not talk about it till maybe 6 months from release. The problem with Cyberpunk was they showed too much that ended up on the cutting room floor. Cuts are a natural part of the development process but don’t show that to consumers or we will all be disappointed again.

  13. I think they could solve the ? Issue by them just appearing when you read in game notes, or hear in game dialogue. That way the map isn’t automatically full of them and it grows organically.

  14. Most important thing for me: It should be in 3rd person or at least, have a 3rd person mode! A lot of people cannot play 1st person games due to motion sickness and headaches!

  15. I want to see and explore nilfgaard. I dont want ciri to be new main character. More story around all witcher schools. I want more cutscenes and dialogue options to choose like in the witcher 2 had.

  16. To be honest I would love if new Witcher game took some inspiration from RDR2, mostly the immersive sim aspects of it (like taking care of your horse, maybe having less weapons but more upgrade options etc.). Also I would love it to be a little bit slower and locations to be less packed.

  17. Hopefully it's a non buggy game, full of beautiful looking white people. GOG is the only safe place to buy digital video games, and we need them not to fail.

  18. Expanded Gwent Tournaments and Fist Fighting.

    I want to be able to challenge all the guards and anyone that bumps in to me to a Fist Fight. Also I want the ability to go ALL IN in a Gwent Game.

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