Everything We Want in Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto V is consistently one of the best-selling games each week, almost ten years after it was released. However, GTA V may be showing its age, as we’re finally starting to get our first hints of Grand Theft Auto VI, with Rockstar…

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  1. I couldn't even make it 2 minutes into the video, and I'm not gonna watch anymore since this person is a obvious troll, and of course, they are gonna go to a new location and if you want to go to Chicago it's in watchdogs and it's already out, and nobody wants a foreign location watch dogs legions map is all confusing with all the streets backwards and some areas being one way only, no thanks

  2. I hope gta 6 has something new to offer….I hope this game gta 6 will be more alive.
    Enter any house or store …if it's all the same I would not even buy it…

  3. Im sure rockstar wants to explore other places but that would be hard to do. Say they went to London, well the getaway already smashed that territory and it would be difficult to undo that experience us true fans already lived. Chicago has already been reimagined in watchdogs. New Orleans with mafia 3. Last of us was set in Texas but I wouldn't consider last of us in the same genre as gta so texas would be fire. It's almost like real-estate with these companies. florida, California, and New York is gta. nobody can reimagine those places like gta.

  4. I like that time period Idea. Say u did something in the past with one character and it altered the present time the other is living in. That would be different and fresh.

  5. This video got me thinking about the possibilities of the game spanning three time periods. Maybe the 1920's, 1970's and present day. The three characters could all be related and show their stories blend together in some way. There would be so much creative possibility with this. The only issue would be the city itself. I mean it would be way too much work to create three very different time periods. If anyone could do it though it'd be Rockstar, especially considering how much time they've had to work on it.

  6. 1970's New York was a run down, drug fuelled, mob run city, with riots, murders, cults, and crooked politicians/cops.

    I think it would be perfect…but I think it will be a modern day Vice City.

  7. I dont think the game needs a female protagonist tho. I mean, I dont mind if that happens, as long as its a properly written character. But I dont think that the female protagonist must be forced onto the game just for the sake of it

  8. Literally the only thing I’m looking for is truly passive income businesses. Like an upgraded version of the businesses from Vice city

  9. 80s has already been done

    90s has already been done

    Please let’s not tread back…. I’d welcome something new

    Maybe far into the future where there’s flying cars or whatever

  10. I'm blocking this disgusting channel.. no one wants to watch some disgusting degenerate talk about anything… Its mind blowing this would be allowed ever

  11. Dont worry gta fanboys that think every open world game is a gta clone year 2030 theyll confirm there working on gta6 not just another gta5 or online thing

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