Everything We Want in a Bioshock Movie

It looks like someone new has decided to dive into the world of Rapture, as Netflix recently announced an upcoming film adaptation of the seminal game Bioshock to release sometime in the near future. If that sounds all-too familiar, that’s…

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  1. I think the movie or the next game should take place in medieval times. Have the girl in a tower instead of the lighthouse then have a dragon protector and a knight come save her

  2. The entire story of bioshock mostly works because of player interaction. The famous "would you kindly" moment only works in the context of a video game.
    A movie version will not work. Sure they can use the passivity of the audience while watching movie to a similar degree, but it won't have the same impact

  3. Unrelated but Netflix should have an Ultima Movie or series. Richard Garriot's Ultima has gotten to be obscure. About a few (as far as I know) fans know about Ultima.

  4. The plot need to revolve around wealthy people and royal families are invited and start to live in deep underground city that no ordinary people know of except the wealthy. LIttle did they realize it was the government setup to test an experimental drug to see the side effect.

    The story need to somehow have the military industrial complex and the shadow government is the main villain just like in the Resident Evil movie where the government watch the subject from the CCTV and satelite.

    The big dady can actually be the result of military cyborg experiment or the RE version of Nemesis. The whole idea is that the mad scientist would like to observe how effective the injection experiment when it come to psychic abilities. Everytime the subject successfully defeating all obstacle they will release more monster ie big sister and so forth

  5. Two things that (imo) may help make the film work
    1) set the film BEFORE the fall of Rapture
    2) maybe get the writing/animation team behind Castlevania to make this one

  6. I think a 6-8 episode series would be best. The biggest problem with video game movies is they try to cram a 6-12 hour gaming experience into a 2 hour movie. You lose so much of the nuance of the game that way. It'd be like trying to make the entire Harry Potter books into a trilogy.

  7. Atmosphere atmosphere atmosphere. Claustrophobia. Eerie performances. World building. If adapting the story directly, be faithful. If not, be reasonable. Quiet moments. Decent CGI.

  8. Honestly I understand why they would want to go to the movie route and I think that would work just fine but a series about the rapture Deteriorating would be amazing. Honestly I feel like the BioShock story would benefit more from longform storytelling instead of trying to condense it into a three hour movie at most

  9. I really don't want to see a bioshock movie because it's just going to ruin bioshocks amazing back catalogue, now bioshock 3 game on the other hand would be fantastic especially in today's hostile political climate because the game could dive into some serious meta commentary on the world in its current state

  10. Nothing. It's a game. Stop trying to do movies. Nobody likes them. If Warcraft couldn't even be decent and Uncharted flopped, there's no way we'd get a good movie of Bioshock. The story is way more complex and hard to adapt well.

    Can we stamp that on Netflix's Twitter please 😂. I would very much just like a noir crime movie set in Rapture. I really doesn't get better than that.

  12. I, as a random Bioshock player, does NOT want a movie. The day The Last of Us comes out, I’m starting the game over to enjoy it the (my opinion) correct way.

  13. A film would be cool and all but I was more interested in the new game. I read somewhere that the new game has been shelved again hopefully not in favor of this film

  14. What really matters is who they're gonna
    hire to direct this. Because you can't just
    take any random person and say "make
    this" and expect it to be good. I would suggest hiring Mike Flanagan or James Gunn or James Wan or maybe even Jeff Fowler to make this.

    You'll also want to get the people who
    helped bring the game to life in on this
    project too in order to get some of the finer
    details just right which is why I suggested
    Jeff Fowler, he managed to do the
    impossible and made a video game movie
    adaptation that was actually good.

    So instantly he's a good choice for director
    and maybe we can have James Wan or
    James Gunn or Mike Flanagan in on the project as well,
    because of they're pretty good winning
    streak when it comes to sitting in the director’s chair (along with some extra flare provided by the talented Guillermo Del Torro.) and it
    depend on who you hire to play each

    Right off the bat….Johnny Depp as Andrew
    Ryan, Mark Strong as Fontaine, Emily Blunt
    or Scarlet Johansson as Brigid Tenenbaum,
    Hayley Atwell as Julia Langford, Reese
    Witherspoon as Diane McClintock, Margot
    Robbie as Jasmine Jolene, BD Wong as
    Dr.Suchong, Cillian Murphy or John Waters as Sander Cohen, David Dastmalchian as
    Dr.Steinman, Jessica Lange or Tilda
    Swinton as Sofia Lamb, Angela Bassett or
    Octavia Spencer as Grace Holloway,
    Charlie day as Stanley Poole, Jeremy
    Renner as Gilbert Alexander, Bob Odenkirk
    as Augustus Sinclair.

    For Jack I think a number of actors could play him considering he has no speaking role(except for the beginning of the game and the occasional noises he makes during the game.) the top 3 choices for me at least are Logan Lerman, Devon Sawa, or Steve Howey.

    The reason why I’m putting the cast of each character from BioShock 1 and 2 here is in case they take the movie one of two ways. One way they’ll explain the origin of rapture and the eventual fall of the city or start off where Jack travels through the city in which we would only need the characters from the 1st game.

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