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Elex 2 Review

Based on the ending to the first Elex, its sequel always had a clear objective: protecting the planet from an otherworldly threat. Elex 2 not only realizes that goal but pulls together a story with plenty of turns and twists, while also setting up for a proper threequel. Truly, at the end of the day, Elex 2 delivers on its marketing promises and is what a proper open-world RPG and sequel should be.

Elex 2 will not be for everyone, however, and it’s highly recommended that the first game is played before it. Otherwise, there are a lot of nuances that players will not be able to pick up on. But, up-front, the biggest hurdle for some players will be that Elex 2 is clearly a Eurojank game. Eurojank is a subgenre defined as ambitious games that punch above their weight, typically missing a level of polish expected of AAA games.
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Indeed, someone looking for stellar graphics will likely be disappointed in playing through Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic’s Elex 2. Its facial animations, textures, general graphics, and more are nothing to write home about. Some mistake Eurojank games as something often riddled with bugs too, but this is a common misperception. In our entire playthrough of Elex 2, bugs were rare and never intrusive. Overall, what Elex 2 may lack in appearance and polish is made up for in sheer depth.

In Elex 2, players once again lace up the boots of Commander Jax. Although he was once a hero in the game’s setting, the planet Magalan (which was wrecked by a comet), his deeds have been forgotten to time. Thus, players must once again pull together all the factions of Magalan to face a new threat: the Skyands. In doing so, players will learn more about the history of the planet, the purpose of Elex, the arrival of the comet, and who the Skyands are. While it may seem simple on the surface, Elex 2 will make major reveals throughout the…


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