ELDEN RING – Official Lore Trailer

Rise Tarnished. The hidden stories of the Lands Between offer guidance to the Tarnished. Listen and learn of your path to the Elden Ring.


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  1. Ahhh I want to play the game, I've already bought it! but I can't play it because I'm finishing Dark Souls, it's my first playthrough ever

  2. Sekiro and Elden Ring have been some of my favourite games in the last 5 years, thank you From Software 🙏

  3. The game's been out a week and there are still new trailers? Hope this marketing pays off and the game becomes one of the best selling titles ever. It certainly deserves it

  4. I hate that these games are called RPGs, thy have no real roleplaying in them, just inventory management and progression systems.

  5. Most people who were going to buy this game already have but just in case someone hasn't please buy it. You won't regret it as long as you don't have a short temper. This game is a legitimate masterpiece and gives me hope for the industry.

  6. If BOTW2 does release this year Nintendo better step it up, it has extremely stiff competition I just don't see it beating this game and I absolutely love The Legend of Zelda, just being honest

  7. I'm still couldn't believe how beautiful this game is… And I'm speaking playing from my good ol ps4 Pro haha. But nonetheless, I'm enjoying every bits of it! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Have a new lets play about elden ring, if you guys want some more inspiration about the game, have a look on my channel 🙂
    Episode #7 with a hard boss fight is online :0 Have a nice Day 🙂

  9. Despite what every channel has been saying, Elden ring is brutal and alot harder than Bloodborne, souls and Sekiro.
    So sooo much harder, im a genuine souls veteran from the Demon souls days.

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