Elden Ring Mysterious Arenas Unlocked By Modders | GameSpot News

Elden Ring might get colosseum based DLC, Halo Infinite Co-Op gets delayed again, and Forspoken delayed to October. 

Recently, several modders have finally found their way past the locked doors and explored these restricted locations. Videos…

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  1. To be honest, I had forgotten about Forespoken. I'm interested, but with all the other games coming out this year, it'd fallen off my radar. As a Sony, two-year exclusive, let's hope the delay is worth the wait.

  2. I was totally expecting it to be a PVP place especially consider the dialogue with a ghost or whatever outside.

  3. This is where the PVP needs to be. It doesn't make sense for them to have forced PVP. I know that from software has an obsession with putting PVP and all of their games but, if you're going to have PVP in a game like this where it really doesn't belong, at least lock it to an arena. And before anybody says "if you don't do co-op, you won't have to worry about forced PVP" miss me all the way with that. Like I said, it doesn't fit this type of game but, if it must be there, lock it behind an arena/coliseum. So I do hope they release DLC for an arena/coliseum and have the PVP losers stay there and fight each other all day.

  4. Think the arenas doesnt need much explanation, they serve a role and a purpose why arenas where built; pvp or invader quest similar to Jar Knight of Caelid.

  5. Forspoken was literally all eye candy and when compared to Dragons Dogma (2012) and Elden Ring. Unless it surpass FONV in writing where quest interconnects (Vault 22) and decision variety as (Ultra Luxe) and rpg aspect like open world exploration of Quarry Junction, Novac, Cazadores route that were based on difficulty like Elden Ring does with Margit/stormveil you can skip, it has dynamic mechanics like DOS2, but fall short in writing like the vague npc questline as it was lore focused.

  6. Forspoken is looking like Elden Ring Lite. Probably not a bad idea to delay it until when most people have moved on from Elden Ring.

  7. I would love to be able to challenge bosses again without starting a ng+, see how quickly I can defeat them now that I'm op

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