Elden Ring Liurnia Best Path To Take | Beginner's Guide

So you finished Elden Ring’s Limgrave section and have made it into Liurinia of the Lakes – whether that be by defeating Godrick the Golden or by skipping Stormveil entirely. Here’s our recommended route to take through this huge new area, and…

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  1. I watched this video like 4 times in the last 2 days. while you’re explaining it it all makes sense but the moment the video ends i forget everything 😅 this time i slowed down the speed just a litte bit and took notes! I feel dumb af but at least i got the info! Thanks for the video and i hope you do another for the next area as well

  2. Thanks, I love these! I explore all I can, but when I hit walls, a general road map is nice. It sounds like if I’ve needed them up til now, I’ll need them even more later. Yikes! I appreciate that they’re largely spoiler-free.

  3. someone needs to explain me how to get on the hill on the left most side in the south west thats above the village. I really wanna get on top of it but I cant seem to find a way… 🙁

  4. Just FYI, Siofra is pronounced "sho-fra". It's an Irish name. Think like "Siobhan" being pronounced as "Shovaun".

    Great vid btw! I totally missed that village in the South West.

  5. How do you get to the minor erdtree in that area? I cannot get through the ruins labyrinth and find a route up to the plateau it's on.

  6. Equipping a Great Rune does nothing unless you activate it with a Rune Arc. And the effect only lasts until death. Then you need to activate it again. It’s a temporary boost not intended to be used all the time. Think Embers/Humanity from other Souls games.

  7. Yea but how do you get on the Mountain Level of that Big Mountain Area that Semi Floats in the Sky, it’s in the Bottom Left Side of Liurnia, Left of the Liurnia Lake Shore Check Point

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