Elden Ring – 10 MORE Things You Didn't Know

Elden Ring is still packed full of secrets, so here’s our very own Dave Klein (aka DaveControl) with 10 more things you might now know about From Software’s latest epic.

It’s not unusual for From Software games to keep secrets hidden for years…

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  1. I didn’t follow Vares’ quest-line, and in The Mountain of the Giants he invaded me. I took it personally, so when I started NG+, I ended up killing him without question.

  2. To actually pause the game hit start, bring up explanations, then tap menu explanation. Also bring up the map, tap ? or Y, then tap ? or X. That should take you straight to the round table. Play around in the menus. There are little tricks throughout.

  3. I don't know how much other people will find it interesting, but Blaidd is actually Welsh for Wolf, which is neat, because he and a lot of the character involved with Renna are played by welsh actors as well.

  4. If any of you do get to Mohgwyn's Palace using that method, just remember that you CAN fast travel out of there anytime you want. You just have to go to the map screen and press R3 to switch the map back to the aboveground locations. Lots of people keep thinking that place is like Selias Crystal tunnel where you get trapped there, but it's not trust me.

  5. The animation when melina dies is just her casting a spell when she dies. She does it when you summon her against margott. It's just an aoe heal

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