Elden Ring – 10 MORE Things You Didn't Know

Discover invisible platforms by firing arrows in this illusory themed episode.

Our Soulsborne expert Dave Klein is here with another ten things about Elden Ring. This week’s episode is an illusory theme episode. Dave explains how to find…

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  1. Feel little bit shabby, do better next time! For example, the two abductor boss.. There is a stone on the side you can jump to and cheese the two things safely

  2. If you get trapped at volcano manner you should respawn at the spot you first started with the lava. Then head to the left where the bats are at and there will be a tunnel going down. Run past all the enemies and you will get to some stairs where a site of grace will be. Then you will be able to leave without having to go through the boss

  3. Thanks for the guide! PLEASE do a "missable quests" guide! I'm about to do a NG+ and don't want to miss out a second time but there are so many intricacies to remember lol

  4. Running out of stuff pretty quick. The invisible platforms you talked about are all telegraphed with player messages. You obviously turned them off to pretend like it's much harder to find.

  5. Also with the valcono manor trap, you can explore the rest of valcono manor without joining volcano manor by jumping off the cliff and you'll be close to the end of volcano manor dungeon.

  6. Did you know?! Spirit Latenna can ride wolves.. She doesn't move from where you summoned her but if a wolf gets close she'll mount and shoot arrows from there, it's really cool

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