Elden Ring – 10 MORE Things You Didn't Know

Our Soulsborne expert Dave Klein is here with another ten things about Elden Ring. At this point, episode five will be getting into some late game content, so you have been warned for potential spoilers! Did you know you can use Mohg’s Shackle on…

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  1. Woah dude I didn't know that if I put in the exploding tear I'd explode, that's just crazy, almost like thats literally what it says, also varee doesn't give you "lord of bloods exaltation" that's a talisman you get from mohg,

  2. There's a third way to deal with Mohg. If you jump on the little wall outside his gate, you can use it to hop onto the outer wall and run to range to cheese him with arrows and never even start the battle.

  3. Margitt’s Shackle works on Margot because they are the same person.

    You’ll notice that Margitt teleports into the first fight from somewhere else and states after you beat him that you should still fear him. That’s because he knows you two will fight again.

    There’s even a 3rd random encounter outside the capital where he appears to stop you before you fight him at the Capital.

  4. Gamespot doing "Game Guides" for Elden Ring is like watching the Paralympics, you admire their passion but deep down you know, you would do it better.

  5. Redmane Castle is also a regular dungeon BEFORE you defeat Rhadan, if you go early enough! When I've been there the first time, I did the dungeon until I reached the boss. The boss duo was a bit too strong for me at the moment and a went exploring elsewhere. When I returned, I was surprised to find Alexander and the other NPCs instead!

  6. When a 5 million subscribed channel only gets 40k views after 2 days while a 100k subscribed channel gets hundreds of thousands of views in the same timeframe you have to wonder why? In other words most of us that want to know what hes talking about already do from more dependable channels while this guy is just chasing the dragon. Or in other words hes the slow guy always yelling "guys wait up! I'm slow. I cant run that fast." Either that or it's just recycled information other more competent creators already covered. Riding the coat tails so to speak.

  7. One more tip on margit’s shackle – it can be used to uncover hidden walls and does so at a respectable range

  8. Funny…. my characters name is Aurelia in this game, didnt knew there would be a storyline with the same name. And the story of yellyfish and her sister is actually very sad. 🙁

  9. You can go to redmane sooner, before progressing any quests etc, and it will already be the dungeon before you defeat radahn. On my first playthrough I fought Crucible and Begotten before Radahn… needless to say I didn't have a lot of fun at that time in Redmane (Due to my low Armaments & Lvl)

  10. Has anyone tested whether or not the explosive physick causes those cracked statues to burst open revealing smithing stones? Sounds like a possible use for them and would make sense given that I've found a few of those statues that are surrounded by enemies that cannot destroy it for me.

  11. Would’ve been totally awesome if you could use the ruptured crystal tears to break apart those statues that hold items instead of luring bears and giants to break them apart

  12. There's multiple ways to get through Goddrick's castle as well I was watching a walkthrough and I noticed that every one I've seen has you go through the castle in an odd way essentially backwards from how I did it. I kinda wish I'd been able to record the way I went through it.

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