Elden Ring – 10 MORE Things You Didn't Know

Elden Ring is absolutely filled with hidden secrets and obscure details. From NPC questlines you’ll have to track and can easily mess up, to illusory walls with hidden items and enemies, and even obscure mechanics you can easily miss. Today, Dave…

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  1. When you teleport to the seaside ruins site of grace, follow the cliffs south a little bit and there will be that gust of wind you can safely jump down to get to the beach for the item in the starting area. No need to risk death on the cliffs!!!!

  2. Here we go, Gamespot’s new series that is going to bring us things we didn’t know about another game and it will magically go on for 5 years!!!

  3. Another tip which is really good which a lot of people seem to miss is that you can switch to your crimson tears really fast by putting it on the first slot of your quick equip menu and then long pressing the down button on your controller. It will immediately re equip the healing tears if you are on something else.

    Also there is an incantation called flame, cleanse me which only requires 12 faith to cast with a seal and cures both poison and scarlet rot. It is found in liurnia of the lakes region near eastern tableland site of grace. Try using this as you will never have to use those consumable boluses anymore and saves a lot of hassle.

  4. Also on Torrent, you can still use your lefthand weapons. You just have to equip them as two-handing, IE hold your use button and then push L1 and you'll two-hand your lefthanded side weapon on horseback. It gets goofy because then you ATTACK with it by using R1/R2, but at least lets you use both handed types of weapons back and forth without having to swap them in your inventory.

    Really great if you're a melee + caster to use ranged and switch back to melee for hit & runs.

  5. I found the fingerprint stone shield which is the best greatshield for strength build player like me. At default, it has a 100% physical damage negation and 81% guard boost(stamina depletion) negation. But once fully upgraded, it has a 90% guard boost which means I barely lose stamina when I guard myself against bosses attacks. I was able to tank end game bosses with this greatshield and I beat the game today after 90 hours. It does have a strength requirement of 48 though, so it's best suited for strength builds/classes

  6. If you have to dodge roll in poison or scarlet rot, check if you have soap. It stops the affliction build-up once you are clear of it. I think the merchant in Siofra sells them

  7. I love how this video mentions spoilers for the Liurnia section but then you go and show Greyoll's Dragonbarrow like come on SMFH

  8. My friend and I stumbled on the Black Knife catacombs one the other night and it blew our minds haha! I havent even been hitting that many walls but I swung at that one and couldn't believe it when it opened and there was another boss!

  9. Bonus fact about rolling in poison! Later on, you can get/craft soap that, when used, will clean your clothes of any rot/poison that's been collected on it! It doesn't stop buildup, but being able to clean off the extra buildup you've got from falling/rolling in it can be a lifesaver!

  10. If you do another one of these, maybe mention those statues that say something to the effect of "providing guidance to the root." They always point toward a nearby cave of catacomb, the kind that has roots in its boss room. I couldn't figure out what the point of them was, but someone on Reddit did.

  11. At 8:30 for the item that's on the starting area, you don't have to drop on that specific point, you can also use a Spiritwell that's nearby to fall safely. And considering that you also mentioned that tip, might as well put it to use..

  12. I'm writing this before watching, lets see if your presumptuous title is warranted. I have now watched this, some of these are comically obvious XD The game literally tells you that you can jump onto spirit springs to survive the fall… not much of a secret if its in text written across your screen

  13. This game is a masterpiece of map and world design from a team who had never made an open world before… it’s excellent as a whole, but the subtle little stories that are purposefully carved into every nook and corner of the map make it all feel totally handcrafted with such love and care for everything the player will come across. I think it’s going to take awhile before the gaming world can see this game in retrospect and see the full scope of what was accomplished here

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