Diablo 4 NEW Environmental Gameplay Showcase

In this latest Diablo IV Quarterly update we get a glimpse of a few different locations in the game. This includes the 3 locations: the Scosglen Coast, Orbei Monastery, and Kyovoshad.

0:00 Kyovoshad
1:01 Orbei Monastery

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  1. if the gameplay could feel like souls that might be amazing, i like mowing down foes in diablo games but maybe having deep fights with a couple of mobs might be more immersive with these environments

  2. Soo, I'm a lot older then when I started on Diablo. It would be nice if they did a version that isn't sensory overload with flashing, strobing lights and hitpoints flashing up. Stronger enemies that require some skill and technique to defeat rather than just flashing through the level slaying 20 monsters at a time with explosions everywhere. Otherwise, if it's like Diablo 3 I'm going to have to pass. If it's more like this playthrough but add in some difficult to defeat monsters along the way, it would be something I can play. I also don't like the concept of the monsters power scaling to match your power. What's the purpose of leveling/powering up if the monster powers up with you. I like the concept that there are areas you cannot enter without the proper leveling up and equipment. But games now a days make it so you can fight any monster any time, they just scale the monster to you. So that a rat in the end game would slaughter you in the beginning of the game. Or that rat is 1000 times more powerful than the boss at the beginning. My two cents for a man probably too old now for Diablo 🙂

  3. The waves at around 3.50 – 4.50 min mark look horrible, specifically their movement. They move too fast as if they weren’t carrying any mass. And in certain places, especially where they hit or cover the rocks, the waves seems to move at super low FPS, making it look like they are covering the rocks block by block…

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