Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Review

Bungie continues to improve its shooter MMO with the best story campaign it has yet produced and a whole lot of great additional content to keep players engaged.

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  1. The problem I have with Destiny is that you buy the DLC for $50, and then 2 months later they release another season that costs another $30, it's just too expensive.

  2. Man, I miss Destiny. But alas, I've been away too long.
    I just can't bear the thought of grinding for weeks or months on end just to get up to date and in and out of clans searching for the right one.
    Both the best and worst thing I've done as a gamer is putting Destiny away.

  3. Im amazed every time how music is ignored again and again in reviews. Graphics are such a big thing but you can watch 10 game reviews by major outlets and not hear the words "music" or "soundtrack" once. So much work is put into standout soundtracks in many games and going by reviews, the games might aswell be silent, as it doesn't seem worth any mention in the grading.

  4. Loved playing destiny 2 with my buddies a bunch last year. Quick question – have they made it more clear what to do once you finish the campaign? My friends and I got pretty confused and eventually fell off. Also is there an “icy-veins” type website that validates competent end game builds?

  5. The DLC was great but after that it was back to the same old D2. The same repeatable activities for the next three months. I’m already burnt out bc of the wellspring activity.

  6. I can't help but to agree with this review at times. However I still feel all reviews are in some way shape or form encouraged by the Developers themselves at times. With that said let me explain why, first things first let's look at the Artifact it is supposed to boost or power level; now there's some activities in PvE that even with the Artifact our levels are decreased. Next let's look at our mods why do we even have them why not just make some Bosses slightly more powerful than others. I'm talking about the Overloads, Unstoppables, and Barrier. Sure others have mentioned that they are way to powerful and Bungo made some mod adjustments as well as weakening them but was it enough. Don't get me wrong here I love a challenge as much as the rest of the community. Next let's look at Raids why not separate PC players from console players? We all know PC players have a slight advantage over console so doing a World's first is slightly one sided. Then the changes to one of the most epic Rocket Launchers in the game, why not just leave it where it was adjust it to match D2's model. I have so many others I can touch on but I'll stop here for now.

  7. ive been so skeptical of pre-orders in the last few years but this one really came through. i only got into destiny a couple of months ago and i'm having a blast with the expansion so far. so many things to do and im taking my time with it

  8. In response to the article you COWARDS ran on your website in regards to the supposed "anti lgbt law" what the bill actually DOES is make it so children can't be groomed. Maybe pedophiles such as yourself aren't bothered by that, but most decent parents absolutely DO NOT want their children groomed.

  9. I bet the expansion is great, but I don’t think the campaign is where the players spend the most time. In the end it’s Strikes, Crucible and Gambit again and these playlists have been neglected for years at this point. Can’t sugarcoat that.

  10. It's ok. 4/10. There's some serious bugs, physics bugs area still apparent especially at move fast moments. Story is the sister of the best expansion of the past, so extremely lazy storytelling. Characters are still very generic and definitely not fun at parties. Outside of it being just another terrible expansion, the combat is still great and fun. Oh and the new map has only one warp section to and it's very small and lackluster, so even lazier than previous expansions.

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