Dead Space Remake – Fear Reimagined Developer Full Showcase

Dead Space Remake is apparently going to need a little more time to get those jump scares ready, but in the meantime, the team shows off their progress and how they will make the game scary with creepy audio design.

This showcase will focus on…

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  1. I don't like the fact at all that it takes more than one shot to cut off a limb. It was great as it is in the original. Now, you'll need a lot more ammo in general.

  2. Gotta say, I'm not a fan of the way the new Isaac is holding and firing the plasma cutter. He's holding it too low and the kickback seems to be pushing his hands downwards? I hope they change that for the final release

  3. 0/10, the scripted dialogue only has normal and fatigued audio and doesn't even change depending on Issac's 7 different breathing rates which are controlled by his heartrate and simulated adrenal level. absolutely breaks immersion.

  4. у меня большие надежды на этот проект и надеюсь что у вас все получится и сделаете замечательную игру не хуже оригинала. Есть только лично моя претензия к интерфейсу и анимация стрельбы выглядит довольно топорно, надеюсь это исправят.

  5. Honestly loving everything I see here, my only wish is that they don't shy away from the violence that was in the originals and instead amplify it

  6. Im so glad these guys understand how important sound and ambiance are to the success of this franchise. I would argue its the single most important element for Dead Space. If you fail to get the audio correct, you fail to make this work. Period.

  7. If they released 2024 I wouldn't be surprised since the things they are making are genuinely improvements and those are hard to do (I'm talking to you smooth brains who don't understand how many things people must do to make a game).

  8. You know what? The twinkle twinkle song would be a badass Easter egg if you came across a victim singing this song like covered in blood embracing/petting a corpse that is like a dead relative/child and dies to her wounds after she sings.

  9. I first heard different breathing techniques and dialogue strain in Insomniac's Spider-Man. It was so cool hearing Peter change how he spoke depending on the circumstances. Very glad to see more devs doing this!

  10. please make it graphically super-realistic in a super advanced spacecraft environment with code-doors and puzzles where players have to find documents or other hints in order to open code-doors and solve puzzles to get advanced weapons or armor, etc

  11. Dead Space 1 and 2 were absolutely great but Dead Space 3 slightly went out of context in terms of no longer being in a confined advanced space station environment and instead became an open-world type of game that players don't expect for a game like Dead Space. on the other hand, to finish the story, developers probably had to land on a planet eventually to find and eliminate the source but the problem is that it just took away that (confined advanced space station horror) type of thing. also, it would be great to add some code-doors and puzzles to make the game even more enjoyable to play. you can refer to Dino Crisis 1 and Resident Evil games to get some idea on how to make those code doors and puzzles. for instance solving some puzzles would lead to hitting the boss with an advanced environmental weapon (ex. resident evil 3 final boss encounter).

  12. Am I the only one who thinks Isaac's voice a little bit different, Im not sure but I think they saied they gonna bring back Gunner Wright (original voice actor os Isaac). Maybe Im wrong idk…

  13. ​Dead Space should continue like the Resident Evil series. And with VR support. We need a VR experience.

    ​Dead Space 2 and 3 including DLC after this then Dead Space 4, also we want Dead Space Extraction, Dead Space Ignition, and mobile one remake for all platforms. Make John Carver's own story game. Make games out of those 5 novel books. You guys have lots of possibilities and potential. Make us Whole. I also want Dead Space animation movies, tv-series, and live-action movies just like Resident Evil. Please make Dead Space great again. Continue the journey.

  14. I can appreciate the effort to enhance the original game, but this remake is completely unnecessary and AN INSULT TO VISCERAL. EA doesn't deserve to be rewarded for killing this franchise and Visceral in the first place. The original game is still perfectly fine. We should be getting an actual sequel, not this.

  15. I absolutely love Dead Space I recently played though each game 2 times each and now I'm going back through dead space 2 a third time but I love the transparency and the respect your showing to the source material. Guys please hurry and get this game out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Don't waste your time. Buy Xbox One and play all of it on HDR and motion smoothing from middle class TV or higher. No need to wait 2-3 years to be released and than another one for a price drop and much necessary updates. And most probably the remake would be awful. All remakes are awful. They pretty much doesn't provide the aspects that made you play those games before.

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