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CD Projekt suspends game sales in Russia, Nintendo releases a Kirby and The Forgotten Lands demo, and Bungie releases Hotfix for Destiny 2.

CD Projekt, the parent company of Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red, has joined…

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  1. All futrue Games from 4 A Games based in ukraine will be now delayed indefinitely because of the war.
    We might not be able to see future Metro games on planned time frame.

  2. CD Projekt Red are experienced professionals and philanthropists and will prosper because [some amount less than everyone] refunded Cyberpunk [and they have more financial avenues than a single game]. But like, pretend I wrote this comment 15 times.

  3. Who isn't virtue signaling for Ukraine?…why cant we support them without companies trying to pander for money for every little social issue that comes along…it's sick.

  4. Pointless virtue signaling that punishes innocents. Maybe all Americans should be banned from purchasing games too since we also invaded countries? Guess we pick and choose eh?

  5. Good move. Russian people should feel consequences of this war to be motivated to change situation from the inside. But more importantly is not allowing anyone related to our corrupted government to enjoy their life anywhere other than Russia.

  6. Nice virtue-signaling CDPR! the kids in Russia really have to suffer for living in a country with a dictatorship as if they are not suffering enough LOL!

  7. Gaming companies doing this stuff has to be the new big dumb idea of the month. How is suspending game sales in a country where most citizens probably don't want a war anyways helping anybody. Big bad Putin running out of money as if he'll probably hike taxes or something else despicable to get war funds. "It'll spur the Russian people to protest." Shut up you are probably five if you think like this give the tablet back to mommy now. All this does is just restrict the entertainment of Russian citizens. I doubt this will make one willing to literally get bludgeoned to death because they can't play Cyberpunk.

  8. пусть свой кибершлак себе оставят. да и все игры которые есть в гоге давным давно лежат бесплатно на торентах.

  9. This makes no sense. I'm sorry but taking games away from Russian citizen doesn't stop the Russian government from doing what they are doing. Dumb move

  10. Not allowing an entire country to play a video bc of its vicious ruler is kind of terrible tbh. A large amount of russian civilians protesting the war from inside their country.

  11. "Great" idea lests punish common folks because their president go to war. cd projekt you area spreading only hate between nations.

  12. Adding themselfs to this geopolitics is just making the common russian more angry towards the world. This little pokes collectively will just make things worse in the long run

  13. Cd projekt now officially are morons and fascists. They disappointed not only me. But entire Russia. They showed their real faces. We'll remember that

  14. So a way companies get their name said in media now is to use a real problem and make it about themselves with something so insignificant like a video game nobody likes or cares about stopping sales to seem supportive.. all for publicity.. definitely not buying another cdpr game in the future, thanks for yet ANOTHER last nail in the coffin.

  15. The only thing I don’t understand is why USA and NATO not getting any hate and isolation when they attack, corpet bombing and invade other countries???

  16. Oh wow, CDPR is saving the world! Such good guys! If they really wanted to help humanity and have some integrity they would've never released Cyberdump they way they did.

  17. I can't help but wonder why CDPR and the likes haven't reacted nearly as energically to a very similar situation in the countries to the south of Russia.

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