Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök – Everything To Know

The latest from Ubisoft Sofia, Dawn of Ragnarök is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s third major piece of story DLC. However, unlike The Siege of Paris or Wrath of the Druids, this features a longer story and new gameplay mechanics. Here’s…

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  1. They need to go back to Desmond miles and just reboot this series. Make it so his entire arch isn’t overshadowed by the long past non existent 2012 event….like something that isn’t so dated. Also update the mechanics and focus on realism and how it would actually
    Feel to basically time travel. Oh man I could go for that.

  2. I wish Ubisoft just drop the AC title, sell it to Sony or something and continue make games without the AC brand. Company like Sony could utilize the AC branding better than Ubisoft. AC Origin supposed to tell the story of the first Assassin right, but its the last AC game for most AC fans.

  3. The problem with changing up the look of the dwarves from the traditional stout bearded look that we've come to expect over the years is that now they just look like halflings or a human with dwarfism.

  4. i wonder when AC turns into those japano slashgames with mega dumb effects wholfe fighting for the kids to love. cause this dlc went exactly in this direction.

  5. Is this a standalone game? Can I jump right into this without playing the main game? I tried the main game back in 2020 for like 10-12 hours, didn't like it and uninstalled, but this looks fun though.

  6. *everything you need to know. Dawn of ragnarok isn't assassin's creed, and will, likely push the awfual and divsive female evior agender more.

  7. This dlc isn't worth 40 quid. It only deals with Sutr in one place. Theres a reference at the end to actual Ragnarok when the big battle occurs but the dlc ends? I was expecting this to be actual Ragnarok covering the entire story not just the beginning of it!

  8. The burnout with Odyssey and now Valhalla is just to to much it makes me quit gaming for months I just cannot. To much is sometimes TO MUCH. besides even I who have played them all find it all to get to confusing now the plots are to much. Mess.

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