"A Gun Made Of Poop?" – Firearms Expert Reacts To Borderlands 3’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Borderlands 3, including the talking gun, the Clearance Humungous P.A.T,, the gun that shoots guns, the Edirian Fabricator,…

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  1. 2:30 I think some people assign the fire button to the scroll wheel, and scrolling with a jakobs weapon will cause It to rapid fire like that, my friend told me about that truck, although it could also be a special ability

  2. Fallout: New Vegas is probably a good game to show Jonathan. The iconic firearms, the variety of non-existing weapons, he'll like it.

  3. Has he ever been given a 3rd person game? Could be interesting.
    Also 007 Nightfire or BLACK would be good and classic and he’d probably be able to show us some great stuff in the collection.

  4. it is interesting when looking at the borderland guns, as the guns you loot have random bits and parts, as well as different manufacturers of weapons that change the gimmick it has, like for an example, Jakobs guns are more revolver types that are hard hitting, mostly single shot or fanning.
    With Legendary weapons are a very different story with a type of thing that gun does that makes it very special and different from white to purple rarity

  5. The legal definition of a machine gun in America at least is "A gun capable of firing more than one bullet per operation of the trigger", so legally speaking yes, the Lyuda is a machine gun.

  6. You’ve shown him TF2, and you’ve shown him this. Short of previous Borderlands titles, I can’t for the life of me think of any other games you can break poor Mr. Ferguson’s mind with.

  7. Borderlands 3 is definitely more wild with gun design than Borderlands 2 XD I'd like to see his reaction to the guns of Jak 3, since it has more variety than Jak 2

  8. Did you ever show Jonathan any Warframe guns? Things like Karak, Supra, Brakk, Pandero, Tenora… so many weapons that make little to no sense

  9. He mentions about the Arctic Vanquisher having lots of familiar-looking attachments, but that is by design – Dahl weapons are very much inspired by modern military, and are generally reliable all-rounders for their category, so the weapon's having plug-and-play attachments like scopes and stocks makes sense

  10. Would still love for Jonathan to review the guns of Syndicate! There really are some interesting ones that mayyy be plausible some day

  11. Fun fact guns can be found with different parts from different companies which explains why some of them have modern and not futuristic attachment

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