9 Things We Want From Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are sure to bring a bunch of new changes to the classic Pokémon formula. Here are 9 things we would love to see in the upcoming Gen 9 games.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is officially revealed. We know very little about…

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  1. Also the full dex is not coming back. People need to give that up. It is what it is. When the total is likely to be 1000+ the amount of resources required to do that would seriously take away from those available to the actual game. If full dex ever does return it will be on a stand alone like a pokemon stadium, paid dlc or something like that.

  2. As someone that's played Pokémon since the very beginning, I feel the last thing Gen 9 needs is more Gen 1 callbacks. Stop using Gen 1 nostalgia-baiting as a crutch and give the newer stuff some more room to breathe for a change. Give us more regional variants of non-Gen 1 species. I think we'll be perfectly fine without another game focusing way too much on Charizard

  3. What I don't get is why Nintendo doesn't just help Gamefreak optimize the games… Surely there are some secrets they can share from making Breath of the Wild that would REALLY help Pokemon. Breath of the Wild looks 10x better and hits 900p, while Pokemon looks like its just barely escaped the 3DS 5 years later.

  4. ngl some new starters other than fire, water and grass types would be interesting let me start with a dragon type for once or any other type for that matter.

  5. Honestly, an option to increase game speed overall would be very appreciated, especially considering the graphics aren't peak Switch potential to begin with

  6. I hope they still have breeding but do away with IVs like Arceus. Breeding is such a fun part of the game (for me): looking for egg moves, chain-breeding, multi-generation steps to get solid parents, trading well-bred pokemon with friends or online. But IVs were not fckin fun even if you had a 5iv ditto lol

  7. I hope they bring back mega evolutions
    Some pokemon I'd like to see mega evolution
    Any past gen starters
    Any legendary get a primal form

  8. starts the video off with wanting more Gen 1 references

    No, we've had more than enough Gen 1 references in the past 3 gens, enough is ENOUGH!!!
    it's not even harmless references anymore, it's force pandering they shovel down your throat (3 gens straight)

  9. I hope they remove IVs (since that's just a way to waste time), and an in-game battle simulator so that you don't have to spend hours training Pokemon, and you can just spend the same amount of time training as a Pokemon Showdown team.

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