21 Ways To Windbomb In Breath of the Wild

Bomb Impact Launches, or Windbombs, are one of the most useful tricks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here are 21 ways to do them, and propel yourself around the map.

Since its discovery by Satougashi back in September 2019,…

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  1. I literally started a new playthrough a couple of days ago and I'm trying to wind bomb everywhere, BoTW already offers many movement capabilities but when you add windbombs to your skills it gets to a whole new level, it feels so good to fly around the map or complete shrines in 5 seconds

  2. I love how dynamic BOTW is. It’s natural gameplay is dynamic. But so are it’s glitches. BOTW is an amazing feat in game development history. The quality of this game makes me increasingly excited for the sequel!

  3. Hey Max, thanks for the detailed instructions. I’ve been finding it hard to wind bomb and your tips break it down nicely. Big shout out to all the CEMU Zelda gamers out there in glorious 60 fps! 😂💪🏻

  4. As soon as it launches you into the ear and your stamina bar appears you press the bomb and then do a wind bond then because the bombs will be spaced out and then well what you said in the video will happen it’s kind of like a no traveling bomb but it’s not

  5. Theres one windbomb where I get an exact angle which launches me off the tabantha tower directly into the rito village shrine, which Ive been able to pull off fairly consistently over my last through playthroughs. I can even open the shrine before the vah medoh cutscene

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