18 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

The list of secrets and weird glitches in Breath of the Wild continues to grow, such as bokoblins stealing your horse, eating your own paraglider and sheikah slate, and the Yiga Blademasters able to carry around the ancient flame.

In the video…

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  1. 5:06 sorry… WHAT?????? THOSE ARE STAIRS TO GET UP?????? ive played almost 250 hours and always wondered why some enemy camps could be accessed only with revali's gale. im so mind blown right now i had to go find an enemy camp just to verify

  2. I 100% the game a few months ago and have been replaying it ever since. Still finding out new things on my second play through. I wanna 100% the game a second time before the next game comes out

  3. Nice that in the game it shows the other races depend on each other like gorons selling tools to the Zoras…I wish the gorons had zora weapons or something from the zora that helps them like food or something lol or supply crates from the zora

  4. Breathe of the Wild is just an INSANE well made game NGL, can't wait for the developers to take as much time as they need in making Botw2!

  5. I dont know if its mentioned in one of your videos. But between Hateno Village and Ash Swamp there is a guy who sells Ancient stuff. But on the path there are many monsters too. I recently found out, if you safe him multiple times, the guy thanks you at the second time with the stuff he sells for FREE. I dont know if this works on other guys too which sell you stuff, but i found that pretty neat.

  6. About that reference to the gate of time, where the symobols for din, nayru, and faron would be in the metal, there are blank spots that look slightly uneven and damaged, like the symbols were torn off.

  7. For number 10 the second two pieces of art are both actually just in the great plateau, the one where he’s standing on a random rock is on the left side after leaving the shrine of resurrection and the other one simply being the edge of the cliff after leaving the shrine of resurrection

  8. the attention to detail, and the fact that I rarely knew these already blows me away even more every time
    PS: the cliff promo art has an orange shrine on the great plateau, despite link not being on the plateau anymore

  9. All I want for BOTW 2 is when I jump off a cliff over a body of water, don’t swan dive.

    I have wanted to dive into the water exactly zero times and I yell every time it happens because I just want to get to my max height and then pull out my glider….

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