10 Things You Didn't Know In Elden Ring's Limgrave

The Lands Between can be an intimidating place for new players, offering much to do, but little in the way of guidance. Here are ten things you should do in Elden Ring’s early game to experience the best of what it has to offer. #EldenRing


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  1. You can only use Margit’s shackle twice and only in the first half of the fight you guys said you can use it multiple times that’s not true

  2. Blaidd can also be summoned as a companion in one of the only exceptions to the solo one-on-one Evergaol rule.

    You can summon him in the fight against the Forlorn Hound (the dude with the sword who fights like the Dancer on all fours), Blaidd's summon sign will appear inside the Evergaol if you talked to him before fighting Forlorn Hound, I almost felt bad for the Forlorn Hound, Blaidd mopped the floor with him knocking him down on the floor with every attack.

  3. just when i thought that i was absolutely perfectly thorough in Limgrave and Limgrave East, you show me the dungeon under Stormveil Castle.

  4. There is another secret boss in stormvail. On the ramparts where the eagles drop barrels you can drop off the edge. Keep working down an a hard as nails Knight appears. I've tried 10 or more times and had to give up and come back later. Anyone know what he drops?

  5. That secret hidden area under stormveil 😂😂 I went to that dude, saw that ledge and thought…. Naaahhhh 😂😂

    I'll have to revisit it when I get back in world.

  6. renna will disappear if you get to round table before talking to her. you can then buy the spirit bell from the two head woman at round table

  7. There is an easier way to get to the bottom there under stormveil. You can open the door by the site of grace and jump down way more safely. Also, I got margit’s shackle and tried to use it a couple times but it never did the animation that it was holding him down. I still killed him but it was weird.

  8. 5:08 This information is off. The Bell Bearer Hunter appeared at the shack because you have a bell in your inventory and you most likely killed the warmaster. Hence, Bell Bearer Hunter. You can see the first time you show him in the video it is night and he is present. I have encountered this NPC on 3 separate occasions, each time it was while I possessed a bell, and after traveling to a grace site. He spawns in and attacks. Also two of those times were during the day. If you don't want to worry about the hunter, make sure you turn your bells into the Twin Husks at the Lost Grace.

    Edit: Also wanted to add, I said when I traveled he spawned because those were when I had my encounters. I can not confirm if he spawns upon resting

  9. Great video! Knew some of these but not all. This game is so massive in-scope and intricate in certain areas, that most people are going to miss some things lol. I’m trying to go back and do everything I can find before progressing too far. My favorite game of all time.

  10. <SPOILERS> I slaughtered Edgar – not knowing about the halberd (which is my still favorite weapon atm) – i killed him because he let his duty send his daughter off to die, then when I came back to tell him he went on and on about how wonderful is daughter was and how he'd leave Castle Mourn now to go be with her. I saw red and I cut him down. my reward was that lovely halberd – Killing Patched gives you a +7 spear as well * LOL

  11. Idk if I was over leveled or what but I beat Margit my second try and didn't even use the shackle even though I had it, because I kinda forgot about it

  12. Brooo I had no idea about the shackle, and considering marget is a pain later in the game I’m definitely picking it up today! Patches should sponsee your channel

  13. dropping down from where you show to get to Stormveil sewer is viable, but misses out on the shortcut to unlock that door right at the grace that goes down there too.

  14. Note: You don’t have to spare Patches. In case if you have killed him like I did, you can simply take his ball bearing to the round table hold. Take it to the twins, and his inventory will reopen for the taking.

  15. Because the game design was a regression back FO3 which FONV fixed, ER as FO3 didnt had interconnecting npc/ questlines, landmarks that didnt pinpoint vital location, vague dialogs, lack of npcs mentioning the subject… efin gaming illiterates

  16. CAUTION: It can take almost a minute for Yura to show up when fighting Blood Finger Nerijus. Nerijus did 95% health loss with the Bleed in only 3 hits, and his attacks are fast. Also, you CAN NOT let Yura fight him alone, as he will lose.

  17. “Underground dungeon under stormveil that is MASSIVE” no bro, no it’s not massive, just 4 rats and a big ulcerated tree monster, thats it

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