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Will Elden Ring Be The Best Souls Game?

Will Elden Ring be the best Souls game? Join us on this excerpt from The GI Show as we discuss that very question and discuss our preview impressions from the first 10 hours of FromSoftware’s hotly-anticipated new title.

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  1. Man I miss the days when knew when a game was coming out until the day of and no one over hyped pr talked about it. All of the discussions about these games over the years ruins them. People expect too much almost all the time. I'm sure this will be great FS never dis appoints I'm just pointing out the overemphasis on every little thing for months and months before we even touch a game or see a movie. It's redic ulous

  2. And better is subjective. Some people will love Bloodborne or Sekiro. I'm a huge Bloodborne fan. I love the Gothic setting.

  3. Bloodborne is probably goat. Now that years have passed, I haven’t played anything else since that was as good to me. It’s mgs1 as a kid status but as an adult for me

  4. Whether it is or not won’t be true for everyone. But there’s no denying that so far on paper and in all previews it is shaping up to be a definitive experience to push the series further.

  5. My only fault with the game is the fact that I can't unsee some "returning enemies", otherwise this looks like its the closest thing to perfect in the souls series.

  6. Without realising it Dan Tack is almost literally repeating the things people(including myself) said about Breath of the Wild when it came out. He says "it doesn't feel like an open world game; it feels like an adventure"… I wrote a review of BotW 3 or 4 years ago and I quote from it: "this does not feel like any other open world game ever made; instead it feels like you're adventuring, like you're an adventurer".

    In case you haven't played BOTW…this is a very good thing. If ER can make me feel anything like BOTW made me feel then it will wipe away every other release this year*. Bloodborne is my second favourite game of this century and BOTW is my first. I am…excited

    *I'm assuming BOTW 2 will slip to 2023

  7. It's hard to say if itll be the best but the ambition is certainly something. Another from software game to sink your teeth into is always a treat with new lore, new environments and most importantly new enemy designs and boss fights. Just going off what we've seen this is right up my alley and many others with its take on fantasy

  8. I plan on playing this in coop all the way through but im concerned we will miss out on items and secrets because we cant use the horse to double jump and disappointed we cant use spirit summons in coop but cannot wait for this game.

  9. I predict it will. This game is the amalgamation of all the souls games thus far, taking all the good aspects of each game whilst also expanding upon those ideas such as better magic, weapon arts, powerstancing, posture system, atmosphere, and lastly bigger poison swamps. As well as adding new major elements unique to itself such as the open world and horse riding/combat. This isn't a cyberpunk situation, fromsoft always attempt to make the best games they can that people will talk about decades from now.

  10. hmmm even as much as i think this is a hyped game. Most people will not finish this and compare to Demon Souls in terms of graphics. It seems to be a little outdated with this engine. Im not a huge Souls game fan, but i did play Sekiro. Hopefully people will enjoy this. Just seems to be the same game but open world with a horse.

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