What’s New in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Bungie is changing the game with Witch Queen, the latest expansion for Destiny 2 with Hive Guardians, the new Glaive weapon, revamped Void classes, weapon crafting, a new raid and so much more. All while we face our toughest foe yet, the…

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  1. I feel like I've missed so much content that there's no point coming back haven't played/kept up with anything prior to Beyond Light so i'm way behind there were other games I had to play so destiny took a back seat. I want to get back into it it but it may be too late.

  2. im kinda a new player like a full year now with 500 hours but idk personally im more excited for the next version of destiny all together, I know that could be quite a few years away but I feel like the story is overwhelming to new players because even watching recap videos its so much information

  3. So much Twitter users trashing destiny🤦‍♂️. Twitter users don't know what they're talking about and are following the hate train. Destiny is good and the Witch Queen is great

  4. Destiny is just too expensive to start you have to buy all the dlc to fully enjoy the game. Why would i pay 100's of dollars when I can play free triple a games like lostark, path of exile, warframe and more. I feel bungie needs to change the way they charge for the game a complete redesign of the monetization system. Maybe then, will they see 1million steam players like lostark.

  5. The campaign on legendary is the best experience I have ever had in destiny campaigns. Not to mention that it was amazing. Co spidering how impressive the first 2 days have been, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings. Bungie really outdid themselves this time.

  6. I want to play this but if I extra the seasons and extras I've read that they might remove it from the game? If buy it how long will I have it for?

  7. I stopped playing Destiny a year ago. I might need to get back into it – everyone is saying this is better than Taken King! Taken King was great. I have to decide if I'll get this or Elden Rings – only have time to play one!

  8. This is a very editorial take. Was just looking for what's new. Most of this very is just him talking about his opinion. When did news outlets become this?

  9. Nothing new has been added really to me. All they have done is modify the hive again, adjusted the light trees to be like stasis, add in a few reskin weapons and a melee weapon.

    Don't be fooled by the new shiny animations.

  10. Its just another cash grab dlc not worth it I played the campaign and my honest opinion it was to short it wasnt worth the money I'll be getting my money back from playstation cause this dlc was a rip off

  11. It's amazing that this game will be in the bargain bin within the next month or two. Has all destiny games go? I'll probably get it on eBay in a couple weeks for five bucks

  12. I’m so over the hive stuff. Sick of the dark creepy worlds. We had a blast in taken king. Peak destiny. But god enough is enough.

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