Uncharted Movie Post-Credits & Game References Explained

While the Uncharted movie largely charts its own path with an original story different to Naughty Dog’s game series, there are a handful of easter eggs and game references for eagle-eyed fans to keep a lookout for. And not only that, but it…

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  1. I’m a huge fan of the series and i went into this movie with a fresh mind, hoping it would deliver the Uncharted experience; which i feel like it did. Of course it doesn’t stick close to the original source material but i am okay with that as big of a fan as i am I honestly feel like separating the movies from the games was an excellent idea; it gives them the opportunity to make the movie series just as good in its own way. Although it all depends how they handle a sequel if they decide too because I think sticking to some of the source material is very important, kind of like how AMC handled The Walking Dead which was originally a comic; similar things happened in both comic and show but they changed aspects of how it happened and I honestly think theres things that i like better in both. Bottom line is Uncharted is a fun movie and definitely delivers what you would expect from a video game film but still has the potential to be better depending where it goes from here, i would give the movie a 7/10

  2. i think had they followed the games more closely and had the story set when drake was younger and came up with their own dramatic scenes (rather than copy the auction, copy the plane etc) — its a decent movie BUT not on par with games.

    There was no need to undo certain key aspects from the games… the movie just doesn't sit well for me

    on a side note – whats with the makeup – all for dude opting for it but it looks think and powdery and makes you look seriously ill

  3. Its best to go into this movie expecting a lighthearted action movie with cool stunts, great acting, and beautiful settings, that makes constant small and large references to the uncharted games, and uncharted fans will have a good time. It takes elements of Uncharted and puts them on the bigscreen, but its telling a different story overall, and many characters (like Sully and Chloe for example) fill similar roles to their game counterparts, but are largely different people.

  4. I had a good time watching the movie. The charisma was there and tom holland portrayed Nathan pretty good. What made the movie shine for me was Nolan Norths Cameo that just made me very happy. It wasn’t perfect but i would watch again.

  5. The movie is a whole different universe and it's not before Uncharted 1 as I heard. People that complain about it not being like in the game, or characters are different need to relax and threat it as a whole different Uncharted. It has nothing to do with the game's plot, only has references and similarities. Amount of easter eggs made smile on my face every time. I really liked the movie and I recomend watching it.

  6. I really enjoyed it, I feel like the low review scores are from people who want every film to be a super complex period drama that is designed to win awards. The set pieces were great and while it wasn’t perfect, it was a lot of fun.

    Also what’s the music playing during the ending of this vid? It’s pretty catchy

  7. But wasn't that game level fake tho cuz that whole story was conjured up by sam he could have been lying and maybe lying about being in there for fifteen years just saying you got it wrong

  8. This movie was really good the cameo of the actor from the games was super cool only true fans got that bit

    I really liked how the movie is kinda its own thing it's not often a movie or a game is done so well super pumped too see a franchise it's all set up verry well


  9. I think video game fans love this movie,but everyone else hates it. It hurt my soul with nobody popped over Nolan north. I was like the only one who knew who he was

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