Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Hands-On Impressions

So far, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands feels like Borderlands 3 channeling tabletop roleplaying culture on a surface level only. After spending time with the Stabbomancer and Graveborn classes, and fostering a goblin rebellion, we were left remembering…

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  1. Yeah a werid flex to say he spent 30 hours in BL3 which may complete the campaign but if you're a fan of the series, which you would be if you're interested in buying this game. Most players would have easily put in 50-100hours becuase you're grinding out good/god-rolls on your guns. For me Tiny Tina is my one of my top-3 least liked characters so I can't imagine playing this game and having to go through her campaign so I am passing on it. Though it looks and plays exactly how I imagined it. Magical BL3.

  2. When are they going to understand? We Borderlands fans dont want different. We want more Borderlands. Sure a few new things and quality of life changes are good, but dont change the recipe.

  3. Next time pls dont allow someone to preview or review a game if they only played 30hrs and think thats alot…Especially for a loot and skilltree build based game…

  4. This dork is whining that “Death Save” in Wonderland, a D&D inspired game, isn’t exactly like death saves in D&D. Who let this guy with 30 WHOLE HOURS preview this game?

  5. Over 30 hours in BL3 … WOW – Thats the time I farmed Killavolt @mayhem10 ….. 30 hours is literally just the main story and the DLCs with at best 1 repeat – who tf likes this video ?!?!

  6. Thought I would give Game Spot review videos another chance. They are still bad. Looks like Gamespot is still hiring journalists who get thrown into gaming who don't understand or even try to understand how a gaming franchise operates. Each reviewer is entitled to their opinion, but when the opinion has a weak foundation, the rest of the review is poor.

  7. wow you should not be doing this especially if you have only played 30 hours, like oh no the revive animation pretty much same, guys I don't think they were thinking about dnd in this much

    he literally has to be trolling

  8. This sound like an IGN review! Where the reviewer not into the genre, but forced to write a review about it! I’ve seen way better reviews about this game about their concerns and what they didn’t like, but didn’t sound like they want to go back to playing elden ring!

  9. You sir expect far to much from a demo. The game and the way it plays is similar because there is not much of a gap in time between wonderlands and borderlands 3 so if you were expecting a leap In graphics you won't get it. Another thing is that it wouldn't ensue growth in another character because tiny Tina already got over Rolands death and the game is a stand alone so you can't really build upon a a story. One last thing this game takes place a little bit after borderlands 2 so that story is already finished

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