The Real Weapons That Inspired Star Wars’ Iconic Arsenal – Loadout

The Star Wars universe is full of iconic weapons that feel like they could be real…and that’s because they sort of are. From their original creation back in the mid 1970s through to their appearances in the latest movies, and games like Star…

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone!

    As a big lover of sci-fi and firearms history this was a blast to make!
    I'm excited to hear what you all think, as always let me know your thoughts or what you'd like to see an episode on either below or you can reach out to me on Twitter @IrregularDave

    Also….did everyone else spot the FP-45 Liberator in Din Djarin's case in Book of Boba Fett? 👀

  2. I’m a Star Wars fan but “using real world weapons as an inspiration” is stretching it. They just added random bits on obscure (and sometimes just cool looking) guns they could get their hands on

  3. I always liked how the DLT-19 Heavy Blaster was simply an MG-34 machinegun with the barrel removed from inside the shroud to make it lighter for the actors to carry around. In some shots you can actually see right through the thing through the cooling holes.

  4. question: due to not having any weight affected by grafity, there would not be any "bullet" drop with lasers (i assume). So wouldn't the laser shots go up over distance because of the earth being round but the laser keeps traveling in a straight line?

    and can different lasers produce different "bullet" speeds?

  5. Hi you talked about the clone wars, what is about the DC 15 A and C? And more important, the Z 6 rotary canon? I would have liked your thougts on that too

  6. me shouting very loudly


  7. My favorite thing is when a real world weapon makes its way into Star Wars without any changes because it already looks so weird. Like the FP-45 in Book of Boba or Rey's blaster in TRoS (which seems to literally just be a Mosin-Nagant Obrez with some silver paint)

  8. this is precisely why whenever I make a star wars character in any kind of star wars fiction, I use IRL guns to describe their weapon. for example im playing a Mando pilot who uses a Mr-90 proton rifle (based off the Heckate II), and a Westar-35 Blaster pistol (based off the Hudson H9)

    even the new movies did something similar by using the AR-15 platform to design one of their new blasters. without it being a normal gun that shoots lasers. They LOOK like blasters while still LOOKING like they would work, and work well. there is no reason to have a weapons ejection port/exhaust port point right at the users hand, or for a trigger to have no guard.

  9. Stormtrooper blasters were a sten gun with a ten round clip instead of the normal 30 round curved mag, there are two scenes in "A new hope" where you can see and hear spent shells falling to the floor: the Prison break when han shoots the com console and the shaft scene where lea fires on the storm troopers a deck above, look closely and you can see them being ejected and actually hear them hitting the deck the sound is unmistakeable.

  10. Have u ever watched the prequels because the dc-15a used by the clones looks almost exactly like the sterling with little to no extra attachments

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