The Complete Uncharted Timeline Explained

The Uncharted franchise has a comprehensive timeline that spans 6 mainline games, a comic book, a motion comic and a book, plenty of flashbacks and even a flash forward. And that’s not even counting the movie, which basically charts its own…

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  1. Wouldn't mind a sequel trilogy with Nathan's daughter and Nathan taken the role of Sully guiding his daughter into the world of treasure hunting and adventure.

  2. Very helpful. Thank you. Been trying to catch up with all the lore with uncharted before seeing the movie but I ran out of time. A 26 minute video isn’t so bad. Thanks 🙂

  3. I don't need a timeline…I just need a freaking RELEASE DATE for the PC version of Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy. This is getting RIDICULOUS at this point. I expected the PS5 and PC versions to release at the same time…or AT THE VERY LEAST within the same month…and yet not only has the PC version not been released yet, but we DON'T EVEN HAVE A DATE YET!!! I thought for sure they would want to get the PC version out before the movie hit theaters but I guess not. I'm sick and tired of waiting at this point.

  4. some of my fav characters throughout the whole series are the ones no one talks about 😂

    ex: Eddie Raja, Harry Flynn, Jeff the Camera Man, Charlie Cutter, & Rafe Adler

  5. I only just recently competed the first game four times in a row followed by the sequel. Such a classic game and is so much fun! It also helped me cope while my dog, Merlin was ill and then passed away soon after. 💕

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