Street Fighter 6 Announcement Teaser Trailer


It’s official: Street Fighter 6 is in development! Stay tuned for more news coming Summer 2022.

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  1. This teaser shows you how announce something big!!!

    btw: Why does Ryu looks like a western white wrestler now ? he is missing a asian touch.

    Still i love how he looks, and he looks mature.. i would like to see him fighting Axel Stone.

  2. Ryuzão de sandália estilo Akuma, já vejo progresso no treino que ele teve com o Oro, já que essa história se passa depois do Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, tô até imaginando hadouken com uma mão estilo Gouken, Tatsumaki cheio de malabarismo, Horyuken quase invencível, um Shoto dos deuses! Com certeza nessa versão ele será top tier (Assim espero) 😅

  3. All the lovely Capcom games laying unused and y'all getting excited about yet another street fighter. Will be changed massively by time it comes out more of the same incoming.

  4. This shows how much a character can change over the years. From beginner with red hairs and white head bandana to the Master who defeat Satsui no Hado.
    From David to Goliath. Hopefully he will be the hero and NOT the enemy or a sidekick. I hope he will still the master that not loose to luke the newbie. Probably he will his Sensei
    I also want to see what happened to the others from SfII and Mel Master as a Fighter.

  5. "Mommy, why does the American look so scary, with his evil/sinister looking grin and eyes?! 😱😨😭😢"

    "Because he is an American sweetheart. You are right to fear them and recognise their evilness."

    😁😸😂🙏Just joking. Anyway, is this because of the Resident Evil engine?

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