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Steam Deck Review – Is The Handheld PC Worth Buying? (4K)

Valve’s new portable Steam Deck promises an exciting future of taking PC games like Elden Ring or Skyrim on the go, but is it worth buying? Watch this Steam Deck review to find out how the new handheld gaming PC performs – all in beautiful…

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  1. Big isn't a problem. This isn't going in your pocket. I'm willing to trade big and heavy for comfortable, good battery life and performance.

  2. Appreciate the review but any particular reason you didn't cover any features or how it works while docked? It has the ability to do that and if someone didn't know they would think it's only a handheld by your review.

  3. Emulators. How well do they run? I don't care about modern games being played on this, I have consoles for that…but emulators? Anywhere? That's what I want.

  4. The size and weight don't bother me as much if it can play games well. Also, I don't need games running at their highest settings. I can't even do that on my normal PC since I don't have a proper gaming PC.

    I think this review was made for the PC gamers that want everything to be at the top HD viewing and best particle effects and all that… I've been gaming on consoles and cheap PCs my whole life, from the OG gameboy and Vectrex home system to each generation of console since. I'm okay with okay settings as long as the gameplay doesn't suffer

  5. Gotta say you didn't cover:
    – Desktop Mode
    – Hardware level Gyro
    – Steam Input Customization
    – Ability to play games from EGS or other PC applications
    – Speaker or Dual Microphone Quality
    – Cooling of the device

    and more and to wrap it all up 98% of footage here is God of War…
    I rate this review like D –

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