Steam Deck – Everything To Know

Ahead of its initial launch in late February 2022, we’re taking a look at everything revealed about Valve’s Steam Deck so far.

The Steam Deck is a portable, handheld PC that will ship with Valve’s own SteamOS (built on top of Linux). The device…

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  1. Late to be trying to get one. Any order now would be for next year. Ordered when the news came on the 2021 July 16th and still won't get one till at least April 😂.

  2. Portable gaming devices are sort of mystery to me. Why ppl want to play on tiny screen with awful audio, with weird sticks instead of mouse? Price of "portability" is too high IMO

  3. Looks really really good. Xbox remote play has been treating me really really good, with my 13 pro max, but I may have to get this at some point. It only makes sense, since I’ve about 60 something games in my steam library.

  4. Kinda wish there was a WiiU style mode where when you're gaming at home you can utilize your PC's beefier hardware and wirelessly transmit the video to the deck and transmit the control inputs to your desktop. That way I could play games in bed or maybe in another room.

  5. If I can play Ni no Kuni at 2-3 hours at a time in a good resolution or high resolution I’d be pretty happy. I really will be playing a lot of titles like Pajama Sam and Putt Putt and things like Monkey Island ☺️ I hope to use this for retro emulation so I can play Mario party with my niece and titles like that in a more convenient package. It will be nice to bring this over to my sisters place and set it up on their tv to play Mario Kart then lug my GameCube and all the cords and stuff this will be a lot easier ☺️ that’s what I hope to get out this device.

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