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Sony Buys Bungie – What Is The Studio's Future Beyond Destiny?

The gaming IP arms race continued today as Sony bought vaunted developer Bungie for a whopping $3.6 billion. But what does that mean for Destiny fans and the industry at large? Join us on this discussion video as we talk about all of that and so…

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  1. It would be amazing of Sony buys it I mean i only Play on playstation and like I said it would be amazing especially because Sony atm don't buy a lot but Microsoft do so in my opinion Sony should push a little in my opinion

  2. Lol bought a studio with only two major games under their belt. And one of them Microsoft owns the rights to. Watch Microsoft fire back with a huge buy out within the next year to two years.

  3. It’s a good acquisition, but until Bungie releases non-Destiny work then it doesn’t interest me. Destiny 2 got better but there’s far too much content to jump in now.

    I loved Destiny 1 but I don’t have the patience for grinding Destiny 2 from the start.

    However it is a bad sign that these big companies are likely going to try and absorb as many developers and companies as possible.

  4. At least Bungie was nice enough to say they’ll only agree to it if Sony keeps the games multi on PlayStation + PC. Bungie a massive get, their games are actually great unlike recent COD games. Destiny 2 is legendary, and Bungie Halo still the best.

  5. I hope Bungie still stays the same, but I'm pretty sure they might bring back old Bungie ips (that isn't halo) and make them exclusive to ps which would suck.

  6. I can see the strategy to acquire activision and their catalog + blizzard but what Is the strategy for Sony. Destiny is their one thing.

  7. Thanks to Microsoft, now big corporations will start to race to see who can acquire the most developers. There’s nothing stopping Tencent, Facebook, etc, from acquiring our beloved developers like Capcom, Square-Enix, Ubisoft, etc. This is why we shouldn’t celebrate acquisitions, ever. You people are fools.

  8. sony really needed a good multiplayer shooter developer. thats one area where theyre severely lacking. and since microsoft have scooped up every other shooter, this was their only choice but a good one x3

  9. It's like Sony saying you can own the old IP's but we have the Creators of Crash and Halo and look what Naughty Dog has gone on to create since…

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