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Sifu Review – Is It Worth Playing?

Like a 20-year-old combatant, Sifu comes out of the gate strong. Its core combat feels excellent, and the moment-to-moment action looks better than most Hollywood blockbusters. Sadly, as you progress, the action begins to show its teeth and…

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  1. Really seems like a "I loved it because of the challenge and wanting to play over and over." And then someone hating it for the same reason. The idea that you compared it to absolver in any positive way shows me id love this game

  2. It looks beautiful and badass but I feel like I would pick this up for a couple days and then drop it really doesn’t seem worth 40 bucks for me 🥺 currently playing dying light 2 though I always seem to go back to dl1

  3. The fighting looks like what an Asian martial arts adventure game should be. Fast and fluid and realistic (at least as far as Chinese movie fighting goes you know). Not stiff or cheesy looking. This is what Yakuza should have been. And Absolver too probably.

  4. Cinematic takedowns are to die for. Games that don't do this should take notes. Oughta be mandatory for all action adventure games.

    It's probably why games like Spiderman PS4 and God of War are so beloved.

  5. Why does this deserve a 7.25 yet dying light 2 (which has some of the worst writing I’ve seen in years and is a straight downgrade from the first game in a lot of ways) gets a 9.25?

  6. Interesting how polarising this game can be with many of the things used as a negative here also being used as a positive elsewhere.
    For me, needing to return to earlier areas and master your abilities was absolutely a positive but I can also understand why some can see that as a negative. I've always been a fan of when games can split people down the middle with something like that and it's unusual in an environment where games so often try their best to make everybody happy. Perhaps as a Gracie kick boxer, the discipline required by the game is something that just makes sense to me.
    I've spent somewhere around six hours in the game so far and I'm absolutely loving the game and the ethos behind the combat and mastering what I'm doing very much seems like the goal to me rather than just reaching the end of the narrative.

  7. Harsh score considering there are NO alternatives to such movie esque Kung Fu combat gameplay. That it in & of itself due to Originality warrants not only a Sequel but also everyone to actually play the game since these sort of games do not arrive often enough. That’s like giving Door Kickers or Mark of the Ninja low Reviews. I’m just happy such is coming to PC.

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