Resident Evil 4 HD Project vs Original Graphics Comparison

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 gets a free HD mod on PC. This mod updates thousands of in-game textures and adds features like a debug mode and FOV slider. Check out our comparison of the 2014 release VS the fan-funded HD upgrade. You can download this…

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  1. You have to admire the dedication of the mod author, but this is too little too late. You get the feeling that this is what the original HD remake should have been, but even that was like, 6 years ago? This game would need a complete remake to be relevant again.

    Here's hoping Capcom is NOT remaking this

  2. Can't decide if I should be impressed with how much finite detail they added or unimpressed with how little difference it seems to make. I don't get why this is getting so much attention compared to literally any other game that has mods that touches up textures. Only thing I can think of is how long it took them to do it.

  3. only noticeable difference for me is that the entire game has some sort of orange-ish filter and the project got rid of it. the vid may not showing more appropriate scenes that would showcase much more significant difference.

  4. Hopefully capcom wakes up and remakes resident evil 4 because we need an announcement this is bs we got all these fan remakes we need capcom to remake re4 Dino crisis coder Veronica onimusha. Umm where can we download the mod ?

  5. You couldn't have uploaded this in 4k to do it justice? Why would you upload a graphics comparison video at just 1080p knowing how Youtube compression butchers fine details?

  6. I appreciate the hard work that the modder put into this mod but l like re4 just the way it is. Even thought the original is blurry I think it adds a gritty vibe to the horror game

  7. Haven't played RE4 HD (PC) in a few years. While playing with this mod I maxed out the FOV and by doing so made it much more difficult to notice most of the texture upgrades. I have rose tinted glasses for RE4 as if the modded version is how it's always looked. I can't tell the difference while playing, only when they're side-by-side does it resonate.

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