Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Post-Game Guide

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has so much content to complete once players hit the credits. In this video we break down everything to do, from shiny hunting, to chasing down Giratina, Enamorous, and other legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus…

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  1. I'm sorry but there's bad info and missing info here:
    1. You forgot to mention Manaphy/Phione
    2. Hisuian starters spawn on distortion zones but only after beating the game.
    3. Outbreaks begin before you beat the game, is not neccesary to beat it.
    4. To meet Arceus you do NOT need to complete the pokedex, as long as you have caught them all, it works, after you get Arceus and complete de pokedex, you get the shiny charm (I did not have the pokedex complete when I got Arceus, I was missing unown and spiritomb's lvl 10 research

  2. In LOA, finding shiny Pokemon is extremely easy; I currently have 10 full odd shinies, and at one point, I was finding one shiny per day.

  3. Once you have a perfect dex entry (fulfilled all the tasks) you have a much higher chance of getting a shiny of that pokemon in the wild & in mass outbreaks. Info that should have been in this video.

  4. Volo fight was pretty tough. But I'll say, catch the level 85 alpha garchomp in alabaster Iceland and the fight becomes relatively easier.

  5. Idk if its a bug or something, but often when I enter a space time rift, no rare Pokémon spawn, the only Pokémon in the rift are Pokémon that roam there anyway

  6. Just a warning to anyone that doesn’t know about it, you can softlock your save during the Cresselia quest. Make sure to talk to Melli outside of Moonview Arena BEFORE encountering Cresselia. If you catch Cresselia without talking to her, the game will act as if you never caught it this making the quest unfinishable and locking you out of Giratina and Arceus. Hopefully Nintendo and Gamefreak will fix this soon.

  7. I'd like to see a game play through the az war of Kalos, and another play through the war of truth and ideals and see the origin dragon split in unova

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