PlayStation Vita 10 Years Later

The PS Vita is a beloved handheld with a diehard cult following. But how does the failed Sony handheld hold up 10 years later to someone using it for the first time?

For many, Vita means life. It means to be a part of a cult following that…

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  1. Sony needs to bring PS5 remote play to PS Vita like it had on PS4 and PS3. Their lack of regard for their own console that gets this level of love is disgraceful

  2. The PS Vita will always be one of my favorite portable consoles.I let that thing collect dust for years until now or last year I got to modify it to where I can get any game free. I got to play some nostalgic games from when I owned a psp like twisted metal head on and motorstorm arctic edge. And I got to try some new games I haven’t got to play.Honestly this console is great still for anyone who wants to modify it and play games from the ps vita,psp,and some ps2 games using emulators

  3. Bruhhhh the way he handles his vita kills my inner soul man 😭😭😭. I take really good care of my vita like a baby. It always has a special place in my heart

  4. Kurt once again wanna say I just really enjoy everything you bring to Gamespot as a fan of your independent stuff. Your videos are so standout for the passion you have to get joy out of and understand everything.

  5. I was someone who picked up the vita at launch, and while I did have a great time, I didn’t enjoy JRPGs and therefore the console lost most of its appeal to me around 2014.

    The one game I would strongly recommend has got to be sound shapes. Similar to tear away it really took advantage of the hardware in a way that made it significantly better than any other version of the title. It was basically a music platformer with a great art style and quite a few artists basically making “albums” on the game with corresponding art. While it’s servers have now gone down, leaving the community created content just locked away, the single player experience was amazing. Even to this day I’m still considering picking up a vita just for sound shapes again, it was genuinely that good.

  6. We need a psvita 2. The only thing it needs it more support from Sony and less focus on gimmicks. Besides that it’s perfect indie games and classic ps1 and ps2 games.

  7. Haha, we hoped to see the Vita take off when it should, but hey the time has passed. Playstation was not at the best of state at the time and they needed to focus on 1 thing that would put them back on track, and that choice was PS4. It is sad that they needed to abandon it, but thinking back, it is the better choice.

  8. and with Homebrew the Vita takes on a whole new life, mean a better version of the GTA trilogy, Bully, playing PSP game better than ever, a lot of classic shooters like DOOM, Wolfenstein, Return to castle wolfenstein, Hexen etc.
    repatching Japanese only games into english, patching official ports to look and run better such as God of War Definitive Edition, Persona 4 Golden, and much more.

  9. I really love the PSVita and if I saw someone playing on one, I would be like "WOW! You got a PSVita, that's amazing" but I don't get the same feeling if someone is playing on a Switch.

  10. Should have tried tearaway first. It will use all features perfectly and will never feel forced like uncharted. I have loved my vita since launch and have it hacked and that is the best thing you can ever do to it.

  11. I love this video. The Vita was such a great handheld machine that could have went so much further and maybe even seen a Sony successor had Sony just chose to support it a little bit longer. Instead Sony left for milk and never came back, but at least the Vita still saw enough third party support to be able to make special memories for some of us before it was all but gone. Persona 4 Golden, Freedom Wars, Danganronpa, Zero Escape, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and so many more Vita, PSP, and PS1 games I played on that machine. I will always remember my experiences with these games being on the Vita, be it on the Vita first, a new playthrough on the Vita in bed before I go to sleep, or during an overnight at a distant friend's house. I will never regret the Vita, and while my Switch has picked up where my Vita left off, it really in many ways feels like a Vita 2 in what it does for me.

  12. Well I realized that PS Vita is real portable system 2 years ago after the explosion in my house. Due explosion all consoles including Switch where locked up in the apartments during next 4 months. But a month later suddenly I found a Vita in one of laptop bag pocket. You can't imagine how happy I was.

  13. I didnt have money to buy vita back then so i bought it just few months ago. I also got switch 3 years ago but i can really see why people love vita. I was amazed how many features it had for 10 year old system and how switch feels simple as possible (friends, messeges, trophies, etc.).

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