Play Elden Ring Early On Xbox… At Your Own Risk | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about a way to play Elden Ring early on Xbox, Elden Ring’s day one patch, and more.

From Software’s hugely anticipated RPG Elden Ring launches tomorrow, but you may not need to wait until…

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  1. The gamers who enjoy a borderline oppressive challenge I’m glad you got a game that seems to be amazing. Hope it gets all the accolades and support it deserves. Me personally though life is already hard enough lol. Maybe in my teenage years I would have dug these type of games. But no way I’m coming home from a long day of adulting to get obliterated. Kudos to those from my gen who can! I’ll just remember the good ol days with contra.

  2. Yo what is it with like the clown haired game journalists that push out sketchy promotions for Xbox?

    They’re just putting out a piece that tells you how to do something that could lead to you getting banned… real professional…

  3. Have a new lets play about elden ring, if you guys want some more inspiration about the game, have a look on my channel 🙂
    Episode #1 is online o.O do you think its the game of the year?! Have a nice Day 🙂

  4. You definitely will not catch a ban for changing your console region, you MAY be restricted from changing it back to your original region for a time and even that doesn't happen very often.

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