Parents React to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker

Renowned FINAL FANTASY expert Jesse Cox gets his parents to react to FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker. This expansion is the thrilling final chapter in the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story bringing a variety of new dungeons, jobs, and updates to the game!…

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  1. This is like what they tried to do but failed with Insert_generation_here reacts. It's much more wholesome. Keep em coming Gamestop.

    Please, this is like one of the only things I would watch here, please keep em coming.

  2. I kinda feel this would be taking to an OG Final Fantasy gamer never trying games and then they ask to their Son about Final Fantasy XIV.
    I'm so happy for this, Jesse's parents are so cool 😎

  3. Oh please please can we have Susan do a playthrough? She's hilarious, I love her! Jack is awesome too but I'm just vibing with Susan's love for bunny boys and agree with her assessment that they should wear "medium clothes".

  4. It was not the companies last ditch effort before closure, it was Sakaguchi's before quitting the industry if it did not sell. Why does everyone spread that false rumor? Also, it was originally going to be named Fighting Fantasy as they wanted something they could simply abbreviate, but the name was already taken so they landed on Final Fantasy.

    Despite that, great video.

  5. This was so Wholesome and Cute <3 I can't wait to go raiding on my new "Barber" peoples hair is going to be Flashy if I have anything to do with it <3

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