Nintendo Direct Full Presentation February 2022

Check out the full Nintendo Direct February showcase which ran for 40 minutes. This Nintendo Direct featured brand new trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Splatoon 3, Mario Strikers Battle League, Nintendo Switch Sports, Fire Emblem Warriors:…

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  1. Ok it’s good to see gundam on Nintendo switch but what happened to Godzilla on Nintendo switch because we got ultraman on Nintendo switch kamen rider on Nintendo switch and gundam on Nintendo switch but where’s Godzilla on Nintendo switch that’s the only problem I have

  2. Will metroid dread ever be updated with accesibilkity features, or will it be stuck in 2001 game design and abelist quick time events?

  3. absolutely nothing funnier in the whole world than mlb ad opening with an intro by two real japanese baseball players followed by narration by the gruffest most american voice i’ve ever heard, like mlb was trying to compensate for something

  4. Things I'm most excited about here are Splatoon 3 (and that Salmon Run gameplay looks awesome), the MK8 Deluxe DLC (got so excited about Choco Mountain and I desperately hope Waluigi Pinball will be there too), and Kirby and the Forgotten Land – I'm not even a Kirby player, I had Canvas Curse on DS as a kid but didn't play it loads, however I'd love the new switch game

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